Rebalancing the game

I’m hoping to make every class pretty equal here. So let’s begin:

The King

The main problems with this is its sheer political power and imbalance between the factions and starting/elected king. So:

  • Make Royal Finger 2 uses.
    • This is for two reasons: 1. So EKs have a reason not to point and 2. To make it worthwhile to jump into king
  • Give regular Safeguard three uses, and Improved Safeguard four (starting kings)
    • Good king is just a little more powerful on the protection front
  • Add one-use regular Safeguard to elected Good kings, and give elected Evil kings three uses of Improved Safeguard
    • This is so there isn’t a huge gap between the power levels of elected and starting kings (big YIKES when your starting good king dies N1 to NK)

Forget formatting, this post is long

Remove poison from butler. It encourages gamethrowing and trolling, and isn’t particularly advantageous to exing the king. This ability also does not belong on butler, it isn’t an occupation ability.

Drunk is pretty balanced right now, so congrats.

Hunter should have unlimited uses of HM (why not?) and have bear not protect against conversion. This is because conversion should be more reliable (it already has a cooldown)

Knight is fine.

Prince. No one knows what to do with this. is my idea.

Sheriff and paladin should be merged and scout nipped. Smite will attack the MM, but not kill, but the conv will not succeed. This is because we don’t want someone to know whether it is unseen or cult, just like that.

Observer. I’m going to address this class’s problems later.

Maid should have themselves as a starter. This removes the problem of “start with NK” while also not introducing the problem of “confirmed non-NK” or “nothing to do N1”.

Princess is actually quite good. If people are going to complain, then make flirt reveal target’s exact class type, with the exception of S/I staying together, due to the fact that only MM and CL are Special.

Physician should be removed. Chronomancer is good, but it can’t shine due to healing. Also, exhume contributes to the NK problem.

Alchemist should be removed because it’s bad for the game as a whole.

Mystic: Mystic Illusionist, and Apostle Rework + New NK or my prince suggestion works for this.

Noble should be removed. No matter its iteration, it’s OP, UP or unfun.

Magic missile should not count as visiting, in order to counter obs’s power.

Poss jump should get an extra use (refund mechanic stays)

Into the Shadows should apply to every unseen member.


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do you have a reason to remove this?

isnt this just a sheriff/pally with extra steps

honestly my purpose sorc fix was to let perception also detect heals

I explained. Chrono needs to be able to shine, and exhume is bad for balance.

It can find NK and neuts.

So it would go after heals in the ability order?

so a better pally sheriff role

It has its positives and negatives. Having a fixed or random starter doesn’t change anything.

Just make maid pick first starter

So Sheriff is just useless for 3 nights?

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unseen after the 3 first nights: Seen


2 things.

  • Abilities don’t have to perfectly match up with what the class’s class types are. For example, Duchess Dank Wisp is clearly not an investigative ability but it’s still on her

  • So we remove BD’s only reliable way of killing King… and there’s no replacement??? Makes Kign really swingy

You forgot about exing the king. Suicide is worse than no trials anyway.

That’s… it?

This is extremely broken…

no it’s not

no trials is an utter disaster


: |


That’s too strong…

Like very strong

Why? No one uses HM, and guilt exists

Wdym no one uses HM?

I use HM all the time, it’s the only other thing that I can do other than bear. It’s utilities are good. It can confirm or literally out MM if you know what you’re doung