Rebalancing the game

Also why does Phys need to be removed? The only ability that’s probably problematic is Exhume…


Ok so…
If you want Chrono to shine… removing Phys isn’t how you do it.
Exhume can be bad yes, but just change it then instead removing the entire class.

I think you fail to mention that if Constable smites and CL doesn’t die… then that will literally confirm it’s an Unseen game 98% of the time

Why are we buffing a NK that’s already very OP?

That’s why

The NK is strong… if we buff Poss, Poss winrates will sky rocket

poss is good (and depending on who you ask OP)
making 3 jumps will make it 100% OP


I like the spirit of this thread but I have problems with the details.

Make Royal Finger 2 uses
so EKs have a reason not to point
and to make it worthwhile to jump into king

How does this excuse EK from pointing?

It’s already worthwhile to jump into king lategame. You don’t want Possessor to have the full benefits of becoming King without getting elected.

Give regular Safeguard three uses, and Improved Safeguard four (starting kings)

King shouldn’t have any guards period. Rather, he should be worth guarding.

Remove poison from butler. It encourages gamethrowing and trolling, and isn’t particularly advantageous to exing the king.

It is better than executing the King; it evades the penalty for hanging a Good King.

Drunk is pretty balanced right now, so congrats.

Agree 100%.

Hunter should have unlimited uses of HM (why not?) and have bear not protect against conversion. This is because conversion should be more reliable (it already has a cooldown)

Agree 100%.

Knight is fine.

I disagree, but that’s for another thread.


Disagree 100%. If you remove imprison this is not ToL this is an entirely different game.

Observer. I’m going to address this class’s problems later.

I disagree 100% that he has any problems.

Maid should have themselves as a starter. This removes the problem of “start with NK” while also not introducing the problem of “confirmed non-NK” or “nothing to do N1”.

That’s even worse than starting with NK. Because now their first check is confirmed to the Maid. The better solution is giving Maid a single-use D1-only ability that allows them to change their starter to anyone else (if they want).

Princess is actually quite good. If people are going to complain, then make flirt reveal target’s exact class type, with the exception of S/I staying together, due to the fact that only MM and CL are Special.

Disagree 100%. That would worsen the “every assassin and NK claims knight or hunter” problem.

Physician should be removed.

Disagree 100%.

Chronomancer is good

Agree 100%.

exhume contributes to the NK problem.

That’s solved by exhume saying “NK” instead of “Reaper / Sorc / Poss”.

Alchemist should be removed because it’s bad for the game as a whole.

Agree 50%. Current Alchemist should be removed but it’s easily fixed with small tweaks, like not allowing them to be death immune while they are healing, or reducing their uses of stoneskin to 2.

Noble should be removed. No matter its iteration, it’s OP, UP or unfun.

Disagree 100%.

Magic missile should not count as visiting, in order to counter obs’s power.

Disagree 100%.

Into the Shadows should apply to every unseen member.

Disagree 100%.

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At least I can still Scout…



the purpose of bear protecting against conversions is so they have to risk killing the hunter

doesn’t solve the problem
if smite attacks MM, but it kills CL, then we already know it’s a unseen/cult game.
also if you’re gonna do constable, then… don’t use smite.


disagree, BD (by default) JoaT Alch
but if not that then this

disagree with change, agree with first part
princess, just by existing in the game, does things

chronomancer doesn’t need to shine
it’s like a backup physician with slight KP for every heal

how bout no

agree, unless they can come up with something not seen before
(or just make gossip see “your target had an (invest/prot/whatever the other 2 were)”)


just no
this makes constable USELESS n1-n3. shouldn’t be a thing

the only reason i agree is because people don’t have the skill to use it
and also prince babysitters

basically what shrimpy said except hunter doesn’t need a change and i do think noble should be removed or gossip reworked

Noble being removed = mystic being the only social bd = giving apostle and illusionist links

Poss needs to not be megabuffed imo

There’s also like zero way to fix prince

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Infinite hm is op ur supposed to think about your targets

Removing phys is bad regardless of your opinion on chrono

I present you… Duke

did you mean