[RESOLVED] Banned for A YEAR for toxicity - appeal

What happened: so it appears i have been banned for exactly a year for “continued toxicity.” as far as im aware, calling someone who is acting stupid stupid every now and then and explaining how the game works to people in a matter that is NOT offensive or insulting is NOT toxicity. i admit i have been toxic in a few situations, but only the first few days after the game released. banning me for a year is extremely severe for something i havent done, and if the mods think i have been toxic enough to be banned for a year; i am sorry for the things i apparently did, and i will not repeat these mistakes.

swearing is permitted when its not forwarded towards a specific person, and i do not think that calling non-voting teammates morons is specified as toxic behavior.

What is your account name?


Well, you’re quite a special case.

Over the time you have been a ToL player, we’ve accumulated quite a lot of offenses on you.

Give me a while to gather everything if you would.

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a year ban is extremely and way too severe, and should only be given to the WORST offenders. not the ones being reported for “toxicity” when they call someone out, etc.

i do apologize for everything i said when i first started the game. coming from town of salem to throne of lies, im quite used to being called a retard who should kill themselves and responding to them with “shut the fuck up” or maybe in some cases even calling them fucking stupid for saying what they did, so it came to me as a surprise when people tend to report you in this game for calling them a moron for not using their ability they know how to use.

Are you sure you’re not one of those? :thinking:

fairly sure.

As of right now, the only replies should come from:

Player Appealing

This is not a section to make jokes so we tend take these threads seriously and no, we are not talking about you.


(I’m still gathering things fyi, just so you know. It takes a while to bring together all the records we sadly have on you.)

In total, you have been punished a total of eight times before being 1-year banned.

The first was a warning for toxicity and salt reporting.
In the game you were reported you kept insulting people out of salt (seemingly), telling them that they were “fucking dumb” and so on.

The second was a 3-day ban for again, continued toxicity.

The third was another warning, this time for being very rude to your team.
You continuously called various people “worthless” and threatened to report anyone who disagreed/didn’t vote with you (also made one false report).

The fourth and fifth you got for again being very toxic, insulting and being generally disrespectful towards the other players.
In the fourth game you called the entire round “full of retards” simply because they weren’t playing their best (in your opinion) and not picking up on some things.
In the fifth you (as usual by now) insulted people as “dumbasses”, “worthless”, threatened to “report all bd who don’t vote” or called people “passive retards”.

The sixth offense was a one-day ban for again being toxic. You were also warned that if you continue to be toxic you would be permanently banned.
You as usual repeatedly told people to “shut the fuck up”, or told them “no one cares” in response to them wanting to participate in the game, apparently for not playing like you would have wanted them to.

The sixth offense was a 7-day ban, which was actually pretty lenient since we said you’d get permabanned if you kept it up.
It’s basically the same all over again, telling people to “shut the fuck up”, insulted them as “fucking morons” and “retarded neutral piece of shit” as well as “the embodiment of a retard”, once again calling for people to report the person you were going full force against.

At this point I basically don’t even have to spell it out, the seventh offense was for toxicity, spamming some – the usual.

And the last – the eigth – was a for you typical case just as the others too.
You told people to “shut the fuck up”, told people they’re “fucking retarded”, threatened to report people, called them “useless” (different from when you used to call them “worthless”), and implied telling them to kill themselves. Saying “i would tell you to do something to yourself, but i’d rather not get banned” does not make it any better.

I’m sorry but we do not care where you came from. You came from ToS where this was normal? Well I’m sorry, but it’s not here.
You WILL get reported (as you have seen) and you WILL get punished (as you are currently experiencing). This is no excuse.
You were being toxic and you got what you deserved. It surprises me how you couldn’t imagine being reported for this kind of behavior.
A simple apology like “I do apologize” simply does not cut it anymore, for that we have seen way too much.

And no, at this point you will not be granted any chances to appeal, because we Moderators too have a duty:

Taking out the trash.


a year is extremely severe for something like this.

a month i would understand, a year i will not. the report callings were all justified, either for people being toxic or throwing the game. that is not reportable and should not be included in the reports or anything you just said. neither should the “spam” as being a fast typer is not spamming when trying to give out something/conversating with others, that is not spam and should also not be included in the reports. i havent told people to shut up for trying to participate in the game, ive told them to shut up when theyve done something they shouldnt have; that is also not reportable.

im not the worst kind of offenders and a year ban is too much for something as little as calling people fucking stupid. i do not deserve a year ban, that is completely unnecessary and uncalled for. the reason for the ban was “nonstop toxicity” which is basically no reason at all, and is once again, untrue as i havent been “toxic” since my last ban.

“It surprises me how you couldn’t imagine being reported for this kind of behavior.” i hope youre not being serious with this sentence.

You don’t seem to understand. You didn’t do this kind of thing once, or twice. You did things like this eight seperate times with various timespans inbetween (due to previous bans).

You showed absolutely zero (0, nada, null, none) remorse in any of your offenses and never once changed.

The circumstances in which you called for people to be reported were all based on your own judgement, connected with your own behavior (toxicity to the max). Of course that is an offense.


Philippa [6] (trashbag - Prince): :DD:D:D
Philippa [6] (trashbag - Prince): XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Philippa [6] (trashbag - Prince): XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


<Censored> [2] (<Censored> - Priest): dead say 1 is evil
Celaena [1] (trashbag - Observer): kill it.
Celaena [1] (trashbag - Observer): no one asked
<Censored> [16] (<Censored> - Court Wizard): 1 claim role
<Censored> [16] (<Censored> - Court Wizard): i tell u
Celaena [1] (trashbag - Observer): 16 shut the fuck up already

and much much more.

Oh and here’s an extra wisdom from you:

Celaena [1] (trashbag - Observer): 16 telling you to shut the fuck up isnt “verbal abusing”

Hey man, if you do not believe “nonstop toxicity” isn’t a reason to get banned, then that just solidifies our judgement in this case. You are not seeing the wrongs of your behavior and you never will.

Cough, from your latest report (which is after your most recent 7-day ban)

Isolda Lovell [4] (trashbag - Psychic): then shut the ufkcu p
Isolda Lovell [4] (trashbag - Assassin): youre fucking retarded
<Censored> [2] (<Censored> - Priest): dont be rude when youre already dead, 4
Isolda Lovell [4] (trashbag - Assassin): 2 shut the fuck up
Isolda Lovell [4] (trashbag - Assassin): i would tell you to do something to yourself
Isolda Lovell [4] (trashbag - Assassin): but id rather not get banned

Man, I really cannot grasp how you cannot understand this simple concept.

You act like an ass, you get punished. You act like an ass to the extreme, you get punished to the extreme.

I’m really not seeing the point of continuing this, all you are doing is trying to pick apart every little thing and call it “not reportable” or fail to see the most simple logic of why acting like you did is bad.

Go have fun in other games where acting like this is acceptable. Goodbye.

Edit: I’ve just received a little something from Xblade from our records:



Note the user has also left a dishonest revenge review @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/olvimorso


And the person he describes in his steam review was actually himself.



So this person he’s talking about was no one but himself, once again acting as is usual for him.
(See how he mentions toxic and disrespectful just like the ban reason does.)

…I was going to comment on this, but instead, I’m just going to drop this. That is incredibly shameful, esp. to see a revenge review from something you did to yourself (not us) and quoting yourself pretending it’s someone else. I just… I have no words. It’s embarrassing that this thread even exists, let alone the 6+ historical bans.



Ban evasion. User messaged me as bleh#3699 revealing the in-game name from nickname “YES” in Discord (AKA “Trashbag”):

While the bug report was accepted and even reimbursed with some gp for the trouble, the community ban remains.

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