[RESOLVED] Suspended 3 days sharing info

What happened: ive played this game for a day or two after which i told my friends about it and they bought its to.
Everything seemed awesome and we had a blast playing the game for 2 days.
Yet today when i logged in i was suspended for 3 days for sharing info outside of the game…

The rules are clear on this:

No cheating (or pretending to cheat), such as exchanging private info by “metagaming” with 3rd-parties like voice chat. (Voice chat is fine as long as you’re only sharing public info) (https://forum.imperium42.com/t/official-in-game-rules-read-first/2673)

So to keep it more fun and fair we didnt share our ingame names or roles and played games while in discord… however we all got banned (for using discord?) we used our standard discord group we always use for playing games and talked about work and stuff while playing this game, and after each game would tell each other what we were and did in de previous game. Can someone please explain to me what or how the game (/the mods) decided that we cheated and found a suspension of my account necessary?

Neither me or my friends shared any ingame info through discord until after we are all dead or the game ended…

is more detailed account info needed to check ?

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A couple quotes from the game were sent with it that should have explained why you were suspended.

(Day) Night 6
(Alive) Dora [13] (Censored - Marshal): we got evil king
(Alive) Dora [13] (Censored - Marshal): on discord with him

Censored = Your friend’s account name.


aaah so my friend wasnt dead and talked in chat -.-
thx for the fast reply btw, didnt get any logs on the suspend message tho.

guess i have to watch more vids on youtube to scratch my ToL itch now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you sure you didn’t get this message?

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only this message and nothing in my mail about it… am i looking in the wrong place?


The issue is resolved and we will look into why the evidence wasn’t shown.