Return of King Kong - YOU LOSE - [4/10]


Moderator 》@Geyde.
Rules 》


  • Cycles 》Days are 48 hours and Nights are 24 hours.
  • Bussing 》Busses are majority + plurality. There is a d1 bus. This isn’t confusing whatsoever idk what you’re talking about.
  • Voting 》When voting please ping the mod. Votes are locked in MyLo/LyLo.
  • Powers/Roles 》This game is a closed game with numerous elements that may lie to you.
  • Factions 》Town, Mafia. Town wincon will be Defeat the members of the mafia, and Mafia wincon will be Overpower the town.
  • Setup 》it’s a closed setup you dip

Vanilla Town

you are nothing to me

Defeat the members of the mafia.

Players (to join, type /in)

  1. Surge
  2. Silviu
  3. Clonedcheese
  4. Mist
  5. an_gorta_pratai
  6. eevee
  7. Ami
  8. DatBird
  9. Kiro
  10. Light


  1. Kat
  2. Eli
  3. Sulit

Spectators (not informed)

  1. Gay
  2. ATNoName
  3. Backseat Mod
  4. Mentalist
  5. Nerd
  6. Mincraft
  7. astand
  8. Derps
  9. Marshal

Standard format for votes is:

**/vote [player]** 

Bussing has no differences from standard execution.

Day has started


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/vote surge @Geyde

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wow imagine not having posted immediately after daystart

smh smh

This is so weird being here at the SoD

good morning to all


I am actually lost here. Like usually I have info to solve with because I am usually a few hours late

I call bs

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/vote Mistyx

smh tbh

/vote clonedcheese

omgus is sus
mist needs to die

it’s a duel to see who is the more magic cat

| | - v

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

/Vote Mist

hello surge

I checked you n0 and you returned as meme

anything to say to that

| | - v

| - | ^ v ^ - |

I HardClaim DybuDabu.

| - | ^ v ^ - |

v v ^ - | - - :zap:

@DatBird Let’s bus Mist and see how many townies will follow us.

And when Mist flips scum, they will have to believe us.
Easy town leadership.