Return Of The Darkness Upick - Game Over - well that happened i guess

Hosted and (will be) designed by @Icibalus
Cohosted by @DatBird
Reviewed by @osieorb18 @Geyde and @DatBird



  • Day phases will last 48 hours, or until curtailed by an execution.
  • The execution will be decided by means of Majority + Plurality. If a simple majority of all living players are voting for somebody, the day will end early and they will be executed. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be executed at hte end of the day.
  • If at the end of the day the votes are tied, a random player among the tied votes will be executed.
  • Voting to execute nobody is a valid vote. If this vote reaches majority or has the plurality of votes, nobody will be executed.
  • Night phases will last 24 hours, however they may be shortened or extended slightly to keep EoD constant.
  • Days will begin and end at 18:00 PM BST unless otherwise stated.
  • The Mafia will communicate via a discord server, which will be publicised at the end of the game unless a member of the Mafia objects.
  • The Mafia have an assigned factional kill, use of which is not compulsive.


  • The setup, at this time, has not yet been designed.
  • When you sign up, please privately send the host the name of a fictional character (i will give you leeway on this requirement if it’s entertaining), and two other backup choices, in case you pick the same as somebody else. Please do not discuss these choices anywhere until the game begins.
  • Using those names, I will create the setup according to these parameters:
    • 1 - Allignments will be randed independently of name choices.
    • 2 - I will then construct a setup where all players have the randed allignment and abilities and rolename based on one of their character choices. I will attempt to use your first choice, but may use backup choices if the setup requires abilities incompatabile with your first choice’s abilities.
    • 3 - All players in the game will be either Town or Mafia.
    • 4 - The game will not be bastard, however it may contain some elements on the boundary. If you’re expecting a vanilla-like game, I honestly do not know why you’re even considering joining a Upick.

Example Rolecard



:joy_crab: :joy_crab: :joy_crab: :joy_crab:

You are Joycat, a meme that is currently using Marshal as a phylactery to bypass its’ proper death- as such, you are a Town Example

  • Impossible to Avoid (Passive) » - Your rolecard will be publicly revealed at the beginning of the game.
  • Indicative of Site Quality (Passive) » - You are immune to death due to not being in the game.
  • :joy_cat: (Night) » - :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: - Infinite uses.

You win with the Town.
Eliminate all Mafia.


  1. Marluxion
  2. Nightingale
  3. an_gorta_pratai
  4. Mistyx
  5. Jane - Died N4 Trifalgar D. Water Law
  6. ZoneQ11 - Executed D4 W.D. Gaster
  7. WindwardAway - Exceuted D1 Roy Mustang
  8. EliThePsycho - Executed D2 Hat Kid
  9. Chloe
  10. SirDerpsALot- Died N4 Yashiro Isana
  11. Marshal
  12. Katze - Killed N3 - Korin
  13. min Centuries PKR - Executed D3 - Miles Edgeworth
  14. ArcticXI - Died N1 Society
  15. Apprentice YouButWorse ATNoName Died N2 Glide
  16. TrustworthyLiberal Arete
  17. Silviu200530 Sulit


  • Whysper
  • Intensify
  • Ami
  • Wazza


  • Astand
  • Alice
  • Amelia
  • EVO
  • Conduit
  • Cheeki
  • Pigeon
  • Appelsiini (Uninformed)
  • Geyde

It is still night. Please do not post.

Thread Marks

SOD1- Arena
Sulit Butters (Replaces) In
YBW comes running (Replacing) in
Arete Trees (Replaces) in
EOD1- Windward AWAY!
Conroy Frenches (Replaces) In
SOD2- Augur
ATNoName takes the wheel (Replacing in)
PKR BLANKS in (Have u noticed like 90% of these threadmarks are just replacements. Me Neither)
EOD2- Eli is Executed
SOD3- ATNoName more like ATDead
SoD4 - Society Moves Past The Need For Katze



All will fight. All will betray. All will fall.
All will be one.

None of you are where you are supposed to be.

Special Mechanics

Dark Votecount

  • Certain players in the game are Darkvoters. At the end of each day, every Darkvoter who is not voting for the person who got executed will change their Darkvote to the player they are voting.
  • By default, a player may only be Darkvoting one player at a time, as with regular votes.
  • The Dark Votecount is hidden by default.
  • The effects of the Dark Votecount are unknown, but overall having more votes on the Dark Votecount is negative for your health.


  • At the start of each day, a number of questions will be asked. Each player may, in their rolecard, submit an answer to each of these questions.
  • Players will gain points depending on how many other people choose the same as them. Each player who chose the same as you is worth 1 point.
  • Gaining a high amount of points may lead to Prizes™, which may make your displays of conformity worth it. Maybe.
  • The results of the event will not be revealed to anyone, unless otherwise stated. Players may still be informed about receiving prizes.
  • Discussion of your choices in the event is strictly prohibited.

Both of these mechanics will leave play during XyLo and may be disabled by other means.
It is still night.

Massping (Part 1):


It is still night.

Massping (Part 2) (Not actually neccecary, I just remembered that I’m TL3 so I get more @s per post, but it’s a bit too late for that now.):


It is still night. Do not post.

Day 1 will commence at 2021-04-06T16:00:00Z.

Prepare yourselves while you have the chance.


30 minutes remain until Day. Please submit your N0 action if you have one and have not already.

Your rolecard will tell you explicitly if you have a Night 0 action.


This will be each and evey one of you. We have gathered each of you to show you what it means to be one. From plane after plane, welcome to the Phyrexian Arena. Your cooperation is appreciated, though unexpected. Your death is inevitable.

It appears that each of you has been dragged from their respective plane of existence to do battle. But for what purpose? Is there a purpose? The nightmare you stand in… This must be New Phyrexia.

The host is being really predictable, isn’t she?

SHEEP Questions:

1. Which is your favourite star sign? Choose between:


2. What is your least favourite book? Choose between:

The Great Gatsby
Dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde
Thucydides’ History Of The Peloponnesian War
The Complete Works Of Shakespeare

3. Which player would have the best chance in a fight to the death against Gordon Ramsay? Choose between:


4. Which player is most likely to know how to assemble a rocket launcher? Choose between:


5. Which person is most likely to help you bury a body? Choose between:


6. Are you prepared? Choose between:

Who are you
What are you doing with that man’s heart

7. How many carrots could you eat in one sitting if someone forced you to eat as many carrots as possible? Choose between:

None, I’m allergic to carrots.

Please submit your answers to these important questions by end of the day! You will be graded on your ability to conform to societal expectations.

Day 1 begins, and will end in 48 hours.

You may now post.


where is cancer smh

i am here


i was gonna vote you

Greetings, friends. We hope you’ve all been doing well.


dissapears for 6 hours

hello gorta

I’ll read up later, I won’t be able to read all of these posts before going to bed

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Cant we just agree to all answer the same and #cheatthesystem

no because then nobody gets a prize

wait rlly

i probbaly read it wrong lmao

No, if you read the rules, discussion of the Event is banned.