Ring Ring! [OWO?]

You hear a ring come from your phone. It’s coming from your distant pal Min. What do you do?

I’m playing Minecraft, send me a voicemail or call me later


picks up phone
I’m in.

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wait wrong movie

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Goddamn dude, you didn’t even give me the chance to speak!



You hear laughing in the background from someone else, and Min jokingly telling them to shut up.

I was thinking. When was the last time we spoke? Do you remember?

4 minutes ago

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Goddammit eli. Oh yeah. I’m a little out of it today. Anyway, I actually have a question for you. Just something fun I’ve thought of a little bit ago.

no i’m serious it was 4 minutes ago

oh? what’s this?

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I’m gonna throw a party. Are you in? Just a small one with a few people I kinda miss hanging out with. It’s gonna be at my house.


Min why are you endorsing anti-social distancing protocols

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I’ll probably post about it later or somethin on discourse Instagram.

Oh wait, seriously?

I’m not inviting too many people over. This is also a roleplay online, nerd.

intensify did you think we were actually doing this

No I’m not a dunce and I can clearly see it says roleplay on the top left

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ok good

(Ah yes, anti social distancing roleplay HDNDJTKH😹)

I assume you didn’t get it since I didn’t cross it out

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