Roller Coaster Whee

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ok so i like them, but mainly because i get a sort of reverse enjoyment (i want to say ironic but im unsure) out of not reacting during them.

plus experiencing the different G’s is always a neat experience

@Arete @Kirefitten @sulit




love 100%


@MaximusPrime where do you live

Let’s find you the closest amusement park

but sir, you already know from stalking me online :thinking:

seriously tho, i’m too scared to try lol :sweat_smile:

Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain

I didn’t get to go anywhere in Queensland, sadly

But I did in Japan

If I did I forgot :man_shrugging:

i live in washington but even if you find amusement parks near me i’ll still be too scared of roller coasters

i dislike heights :^)

What if I told you one of my favorite coasters of all time is only 100 feet

bro im not even 6 ft

but… maybe possible

You ever come out this way you let me know :slight_smile:


me when i’m ever above my height lol:

dang this cropping did not turn out well tho

Movie World is our best

Has the only hypercoaster in the southern hemisphere

Valravn <3

That ride is meh at best what are you on

Like have you even tried Millennium, Maverick, or Steel Vengeance?