[RP Interest Check] GodCard: Return to the Roots

Original concept idea is credited to Damafaud
Hosted by @Emilia and @Magnus

Perhaps nobody was entirely certain how GodCards spread across the globe as they did; regardless of whether they arrived as an act of god, the beginning of the world’s inevitable collapse, or simply an unexplainable scientific discovery was left to interpretation. One thing was for certain, however; life as everyone has once known it had changed forever.

A GodCard initially appears weak, manifesting merely the meanest abilities of a certain avatar to whoever wields it; despite the title, a card can represent a deity, demigod, mythological being or whatever else, typically drawn towards the individual who best suits it. A crime lord with the card of Loki could expand their villainous empire worldwide with minimal opposition. A presidential candidate could accept the teachings of Peitho and find themselves ‘fairly’ elected. With no GodCard bearer left accountable to anybody but each other, the world collapsed with these gifted mortals ruling the rest of the globe, save for a few unmentioned and unimportant islands.

Welcome to the Lagoon Islands, the disputed origin of the second wave; with the original world collapsing and a new organisation seizing control, the military sought to ‘evacuate’ any competent and powerless individual living on the islands - scientists, researchers, soldiers or technicians were removed, whether peacefully or at gunpoint, whilst leaving anyone expendable behind. Any found modern weapons or GodCards were confiscated and removed as well, before sealing everyone else behind an impenetrable barrier.


Players generally commit to an action by bolding and prefacing their text with a forward flash ( / ), within a private DM or group threads on the Forums. A ‘group thread’ will be constructed for a current party and/or location, and discontinued at the hosts’ discretion.

e.g; /Pickpocket [x]

Certain actions may constitute a dice roll up to 20, which will determine your chance of success. An advantage may be applied depending on the specific player, or the dice roll may be waived entirely.

Players will be restricted to the primitive Lagoon Islands, limited to using their GodCards in a small world left using wooden bows and spears. Players will decide their GodCard figure/representative, although the hosts will decide their exact abilities.

Disclaimer: This game is not Dama’s GodCard, and the hosts reserve the right to edit or revise practically anything. Similarly, this game is unrelated to Magnus’s previous GodCard game.
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God_Emperor bestowed upon us the eponymously named cards as an act of gratitude for being permitted to play in Constellations Team Mafia

however they were confiscated after he was mislynched

O hey I was here for the first godcard rp like 4 years ago