[RP?] Pipe Dream (Volunteers: 5/7)

[RP?] Pipe Dream (Volunteers: 7/0)

  • This is Not Just a Story… It is Also a Mistake.

As Close as it Can be Humanly Achieved, the Globe of Earth is Now a Perfect Utopia. World hunger and poverty has been eliminated. Diseases and illnesses have vanished alongside the past. The corruption of government had been eventually replaced with a series of intelligent, benevolent AIs, and even death itself can be undone and reversed in most cases.
All knowledge is archived, all of the information of history is known on paper, and yet nobody remembers the mistakes and folly of their ancestors, in the past.

Dozens of Years ago, there was a plan to design rockets capable of traversing the starry night skies, spaceships which could see the far reaches of the universe. This plan was put into action once the key to unlimited energy was finally discovered; nuclear fusion, the natural reaction which powers the night stars, and yields more energy than it consumes. As crafted and planned safely into the blueprints of the planned Ships. However, what truly made these spaceships, the ‘Precursor’s Silhouette’ and the ‘Monarch’s Tail,’ so special wasn’t the power source. It was the respective crews.
There were several attempts to forge a psychic link between individuals on Earth, and the Twin Ships project was finalised during these practices. Only afterwards was it discovered that having another person’s thoughts in your head generally led to confusion, mental pain and [REDACTED]. At the time, however, these Ships were planned to be in constant contact with one-another, and the crews irrevocably bound.
The Ships failed contact with Earth soon after, and the project was terminated. The respective teams, however, were unaware.

This Misc focuses on the two crews, and their voyage through space, places, dreams and telepathy.

Profile (Players do NOT fill this out; it will be updated as the Misc progresses.)

Name: [Player’s Username]

Team: [The Ship the Player is based upon.]
Title/Rank: [Determines Access]
Clearance: [Determined by Rank]

Mental Corruption:
Recommended Objectives:
Former Objectives:

  • Disclaimer: This Misc differs from the usual Miscs on these forums in the way that it technically counts as a Roleplay; it has a similar setup and such. However, Players do not roleplay; players can act as they wish, with the knowledge they themselves know, as opposed to what their ‘character’ knows.
    • Edit: Relabelled as an RP by a Mod’s request.

Volunteers and Dwindling Party:

  1. Boss110 (Pre-In)
  2. EliThePsycho
  3. Emilia
  4. WindwardAway
  5. Intensify - Out by Request
  6. Marluxion - Out by Request
  7. Sulit

(These slots are not either the minimum nor the maximum list of potential players.)

this is just DR6 but not it seems



That’s specifically because in the past people have asked me for directions, and I’m kinda tired of it, so… there it goes.
‘Recommended’, because of course I’m not about to railroad players in a certain direction.

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oh i see

for some reason i was thinkin` it was wincon

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There might not be a wincon, but there will be winners and losers.

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h0ly smokes

so it’s like
RP + DR miscs + morphogenetic mafia (judging by the lore)?

I don’t know what this means. I know what the word ‘morphogenetic’ means, but not the full term.

morphogenetic mafia was a game hosted on here
where you got linked to a partner, and you shared a classcard (that part isn’t happening)
but there was 2 threads
and one of each in each partnership was in each thread

Well, it more or less all happens in DMs.
But it’s similar, yeah.

well yeah
i’d assume there’d be a map and areas you can travel to but idk

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and the threads were in DMs too


unless BL applies to rps

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Noted; pinging the people who actually do this sort of game on the forums provides results.

I wasn’t expecting such a quick response.


Why I pinged and also what happening


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