[RP] So it Seems {SignUps}


The flowers and fields are blooming. All is well.
Hmm… So it seems.

Gun shots can be heard in the distance.
A tribute to the Valkyria Chronicles Series! This is a roleplay! Not a MISC, there will be no statistics, players will be expected to RP responsibly.

Here are my rules:

  1. Make sure everything you do is within the realm of what your character will do.
  2. No killing other players unless given permission from the Host.
  3. Don’t be stupid. This is a war, and bullet shots are friggin painful. Don’t tell me you get shot by 3 bullets and still be able to stand perfectly fine, that’s pure baloney.
  4. You are expected to perform, but you are only human. You will make mistakes, don’t tell me you’re going to shoot and land every bullet, that ain’t possible kid.

The host is not responsible for any deaths that they might inflict onto players. Also, any non-usage of head may or may not be punishable under Shurian law.

Everyone will be in one squadron. This Squadron is known as the Seventh Squad of the Federation.

The Federation of Zenias and the Empire of Dalsis has been facing off in the midst of scarce resources.

Ragnite, a mineral that acts as a source of power is getting more scarce. It aint enough for one country, and it aint gonna be enough for everyone… It can be manufactured, but the only factory lies in a neutral region. This neutral region lies towards the Federation side.

Submit your character sheets here. Early birds can get their sheets approved and clearance to join the squad. Roles will be adjusted accordingly to backstories. Squadron list will be published once enough people join.

Yes, you can be the captain!

Character Name


Gender: (No Vehicles. The Sex your character is born with, not the sexuality.)
Firearm of choice:
Backstory: (I’ll send any Mary Sues or Gary Stus into the gallows. Better give me something believable, and no Kyo, I’m the dictator here.)

It will not be too fast-paced. Dont worry about it being too fast.

Being strict… is quite tough ain’t it… It’s kinda relieving at the same time though… is it because I grew up in a strict environment? I dunno. Uuwah…
I sound like my parents… >_<

Roleplayer Inned List (In order of ins):

  1. Kai_5
  2. Marshal
  3. Magnus
  4. Lightsin
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I reckon we could combine Shurian law with Magnus law to make RP law.

Magnus law cannot be found. Please try again.

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ew conscription



Just put your CS in here.

This may or may not be integral to the plot.

anime ww2


will do when im not insanely tired

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Go sleep.
I advocate sleep.

estimate on start time?

You need to try harder.

On mobile theres no clock thingy

It will start on 12 December GMT +8 9AM

Again, it will be slower paced.

Instructions Unclear. Drank Window.

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I think i can do that.

Finals wrap up around that time


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When u can, please write up a CS!!


I totally am not poaching.

That’s okay. Unless it’s off Australian land

Poaching dead Magnus misc players