Sadistic Choices (I was bored)

You’re about to die, cursed the moment you took the clickbait. Chances are, you’re not ready to die. So Death offers you a sadistic choice; if you accept his offer, he will extend your life by one week. You are immortal during this life time. However, you can extend it further, by killing.
Every time you kill someone, you gain another week of life. You will always know how long you have left. This means you can have a long life, of hundreds of years. Or it can end in a single week.

The cost -

  • 1 Soul (your own) :slightly_smiling_face:
    This means, once you die, you will not go to an afterlife, if you believe in one, yada yada. You won’t be reincarnated, if you believe in that. It just ends.

:skull: Would you take the deal? How many would you be willing to kill? Let me tell you… It Gets Easier.

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Did I stumble upon my backstory? :thinking:

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:man_shrugging: only if you want it to be.

So I’m guessing you would say yes, and just take enough souls to live and stop the stock market from exploding?

Looks like 9 people chose to die - going off page views.