Security v4.1.5 + Stability v4.1.6 Patches

Stability Patch v4.1.6

  • Fixed King text
  • Fixed numerous class card innaccuracies.
  • Overall, things feel stable! See below for hotfixes leading up to this patch.

Security Patch v4.1.5 - Live

Pretty straight-forward patch – This is an “early access” patch; bare with us :slight_smile:

  • Enhanced Throne’s security.
  • Lobby chat anti-spam added:
    • 1.5s cooldown (same as in-game).
    • Filters.
    • Server-side inspection, to be improved upon over time.

–Xblade @

v4.1.5b (7-19)

  • Fixed login screen crashes for some
  • Fixed Paladin class card Unseen convert (should show nothing).
  • Fixed Alcoholic class card that should be showing occ immune icon.
  • Fixed tutorial wording for King’s DM to “suspect” he’s BD rather than “knows”.
  • Fixed tutorial <color> tags showing.

v4.1.5c (7-19)

  • Single exe security is too strong (triggering antivirus): No point, if unplayable! Removed this security feature - we’ll observe and adjust, as necessary.
  • Fixed quest flip issues for new quests.
  • Potentially fixed quest swap (refresh) credits.

v4.1.5d (7-20)

  • Slightly more security.
  • Fixed most of the lobby chat and in-game bugs. Special shoutout to those that submitted Discord #bug-reports!!

v4.1.5e (7-22)

  • Fixed desyncs.
  • Still has known breaking bugs caused by the massive backend changes in the security patch: Game will be down until ver e.

v4.1.5f (7-26)

  • Fixed ability bugs.
  • Fixed end-game chat.
  • Day phase minimum timer is now 30s from 15s (unintended).

v4.1.5g (7-27)

  • Fixed Day 1 abilities like Imprison that didn’t show up
  • Fixed reporting players at the end screen.
  • Can no longer move pardon/exe window (it was bugging off the screen).
  • Numerous quest progression bugs fixed.

THANKS everyone who helped test the early access security patch and reporting things to Discord #bugs-dont-ping !! The things that had to be done devastated many in-game scripts that can’t all be discovered with only 2 clients (my test environment). You guys rock!!

– Xblade @


Stability Patch v4.1.6

Now live!