Sellsword still doesnt win with Unseen

What happened?

I was Sellsword, Unseen won the game, I lost. For the record, I was dead at the end of the game, if that matters.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I was supposed to win alongside the Unseen.

Steps to reproduce:

Play as Sellsword, perhaps die? When Unseen wins bug is reproduced.


I don’t know if this also affects cult or NK wins. I’d assume so, but don’t have actual ingame experience.

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if you aren’t solo carrying scum as sellsword you ain’t doing it right fam

I should add that this also applies to the Inquisitor. This happens even if he isn’t dead at the end of the game.

I assume you don’t still have logs for this since it was a few days ago, but the bug is known.

I believe Sellsword only wins if they additionally live, which should be fixed in the next patch.