Server Time Outs, Am I banned?

See above. Every time I try to log on I see Auth Server Timeout: Tell A Dev! Been happening since the 2.0.2a. Am I banned or something?

Join our discord. We have a command just for these. Try restarting steam and then try those steps. You could also post your logs just in case. Instructions for all of these on discord.

Discord needs a number to text to verify if I’m human and I don’t have one to give to them. Is there a wiki page or something more direct to the problem I can just view?

Copy pasta from discord:

[Timed Out @ Login Servers? Can’t matchmake? No lobby stats?]
0. Live in Russia? Your gov’t may have blocked our game servers: Type ?vpn and stop following these instructions.

  1. Quit out of steam fully. Then run it as administrator.
  2. After launching steam, (assuming you’re using Windows), open CMD and type in the following commands:
ipconfig /release

This will release your IP from your router (internet will not work for now)
3. Type:

ipconfig /renew

This will assign a new IP from your router (internet will work)
4. Type:

ipconfig /flushdns

This will flush DNS; helps with an overflow of packets.

Still not working?

  • Can you connect here? * Can you connect here? * ^ If you couldn’t connect to either of these, it’s 100% your firewall/network security issue. * Try temporarily disabling your firewall (+other network security) and trying again. If it works, it means your firewall may be too strong and forgot to click the ‘Allow’ button when you first launched the game. * Are you on campus? Maybe some ports are blocked. * Common (but not all) timeout issues seem to be an issue with your own firewall/network security settings set too high. * Full list of ports here:


[Windows] download ‘psping’ from Microsoft site: > Drag the files into /windows/system32 > Start menu, Run, type psping and send us your results.

Discord needs a number to text to verify if I’m human and I don’t have one to give to them

Only some Discord servers do that. We don’t:


As an update, there currently is a bug where suspended users will also show timeout. What is your CaSe sensitive username? Please DM i42-Xblade in Discord.

Are you still facing the issue?

Em, this is 5 months ago :eyes: