Seth’s 5 Role Turbo

I don’t know when this will start, but I’ll make a Turbo.

There will be only 5 Types of Roles in Game.
Alignments don’t count.
For this to start I’ll need at least more then 5 people to join.

phase lengths?
any setup info?


I might be interested

Whatever is the most requested length.
Probably pretty short.

when will it start?

U should do 00:00:30/23:59:30 day/night

That would be super fun for everyone involved!


anyone from 5.5-8in works for me


I could do 7 Min Days 5 Min Nights

It will start when enough people have In’ed and a decided date as been set that works for everyone.

I’d prefer weekends myself, because I work weekdays.

Also there can be more then 2 Alignments.

No more then 5 though.

4 Non-Town Alignments Max.

1 Non-Town Alignment Min.

see that @min?

confirmed mafia


1 Non-Town

Could be Evil Factional/Neutral/Another Good Faction.


Aye, can you edit the post for those changes?


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