[SFM] Deus Ex 20th Anniversary - Enemy Within Sign-Up Thread CLOSED 16/16

Welcome to Deux Ex 20th Anniversary Enemy Within 4

Since the incident on Paris previously have UNATCO also known as United Nations Anti Terrorism Coalition being overthrown by the hands of National Secessionist Forces, NSF in short, formerly formed in north-west part of United States of America travelled all the way to Europe in order to soften the iron grip on the populace that doesn’t belong the top of the pyramid scheme and salvaged the supplies of Ambrosia Vaccine capable of curing the global pandemic causing people infected by a plague that’s dubbed as “Grey Death”

The situation however isn’t able to slowing down the alarming rate of infected cases in Paris despite NSF’s effort in destabilizing the UN influence and healing the sick in Europe as war is fought back in once country founded by union of states are broken apart between two powers while the sinister organization is watching the conflict and the plan to solve the overpopulation problem that requires sacrifices to be made going unfold, however there are unforeseen consequences as their labs have reported one of the test subjects have escaped

NSF is aware of this through espionage however they have been compromised by the watchful eye of this said pyramid scheme and they have no choice but accelerate their plan by travelling to recently rebuild UNATCO’s headquarters on Liberty Island in New York City and are determined to bring proof that suffering plagued on the pandemic is man-made virus by the hands of Illuminati, taking down the leadership of UNATCO and stopping the patient zero of newly-engineered virus from escaping all at once, this will not go out without bloody conflict, one that will change the course of history written by the victors and the defeated will be forgotten


@Frostwolf103 - Main Host
@Twil1ight - Co-Host



Day Hours will be 48 hours long

(Day 1 takes about 24 hours instead)

Night Hours will be 24 hours long

Actions and forum mafia questions will be done by messaging me on class card pm send to you

Informed Minority #1 - NSF Faction Cap is 4

Informed Minority #2 - Illuminati Faction Cap is 3

Uninformed Majority #1 - UNATCO Role Cap is 3

Both NSF and Illuminati have private chat

All dead players will talk through a Forum PM

There will be uninformed and informed chats for both spectators groups

When you receive a card you will have 24 hours to reply, confirming you have received it.


To accuse someone say /Accuse [Player] or /Vote [Player] in bold with pinging my name @Frostwolf103 by typing @ Frostwolf103 or ping the co-host @Twil1ight instead, this way me and the co-host keep track on the votes.

The most votes of majority ends the day with execution process of the accused. They are allowed to say their final word before execution begins (please bear in mind of host inactivity) the day ends with no execution when majority is not met

There will be separate vote thread created to place all their votes and vote counts by hosts, do not discuss anything game-related in the vote thread, only votes are allowed in here.

Special mechanics

  1. You will be warned Enemy Within 4 is bastard and have semi-closed setup

  2. This game is a multi-ball game meaning there will be more than two factions and the main goal is to eliminate all opposition

  3. All classes have limited uses in their class card to perform actions at day and night

  4. To compensate these limited uses, there’s ability called Ops Bonus from UNATCO faction that will replenish player’s actions and this can be taken away by killing the player at night or executed the player at day which will be randomly distributed from who voted against the player

  5. Ops Bonus can be exchanged to new player only once per game and when second player that have Ops Bonus dies then it’s gone forever

  6. The feedback is not shown to everyone

  7. There will be no altering role flips or logs, there is however cleaning flips and logs in this game

  8. NSF uses factional kills system

  9. Illuminati uses conversion and can potentially kill players

  10. Logs are allowed in your class card PM without character limit, this does not includes pictures

To Join

To join, simply express in joining by saying something like /I want to join or /join or /in or /sign me up, coach. You must type it in bold. You can also type /backup you want to play in place of the player that wants to be replaced out, please do not discuss the nature of replacements

Player List

1: Eevee

2: an_gorta_pratai

3: Surge

4: SirDerpsALot

5: Amelia

6: ErikaFurudo

7: Nerbins

8: Min

9: CRichard564

10: Intensify

11: EliThePsycho

12: Leafia

13: ATNoName

14: Soulshader55

15: Centuries

16: PokemonKidRyan


  1. Whysper
  2. Chloe



Informed Spec

  1. Astand
  2. DatBird
  3. Trochilidae
  4. thepigeonnyc
  5. Conduit
  6. Thunal33
  7. Arete
  8. Italy
  9. GGhana
  10. Solic

Uninformed Spec

  1. TheBlueElixir
  2. Katze
  3. Jane
  4. Marshal

/informed spec

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/informed spec

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/Informed Spectator

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/informed spectator

what if you wanted to host a game but


informed spec jokes are funny and hard to come by




I don’t have time to play but want to at least look at the game while it’s happening


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im not shaming either

/informed spec

/informed spec

oh god oh fuck

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can you really say no to this

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I would have liked to join this, but already got 2 games going and another in a few days. I’ll see about joining as backup later.

whoms’t the heck is uninformed majority



Thank you

Im not the only one who was confused by OP


illuminati is cult
NSF is mafia
and UNATCO is town