[SFM] Deus Ex 20th Anniversary - Enemy Within Sign-Up Thread CLOSED 16/16

Not my fault someone has brilliant idea to let three games run active

edit: Five games, including this signups!

You know what

Fuck it


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/informed spec

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5 games?

3 miscs, an ongoing FM, and this game.

Oh yeah

I forgot about miscs


What happened to not wanting 50 miscs at once lol

Why is it this way.

One misc has been going on for a really long time.

Day 1 without lynch

Yeah, Survivor’s being going for… 2-ish months now?

What’s this?

Well, not survivor but basically survivor.

Uh, I mean big brother.

Bruh, that should be illegal

DatBird is co-hosting, and since it hasn’t been stopped early, I don’t think it will stop early.

Can I be JC Denton and can I silently take people down with the gep gun?


I thought Erika would leave for good after Umineko! Welcome back!


You’ll have to make research into previous games to know what roles there could be. Especially if you rand scum.

I’m getting people to join.
I refuse to let this game get canned like the last one.

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