[SFM] Newbie-Friendly Pokèmon 9er - Town Win

I feel like “wing” is being sincere.

Hmm. I just thought of something but I’m gonna wait for a bit to say it until some other people write their readlists/input first.

so you’re telling me that here it would make more sense for me to vote you over gorta since gorta apparently can’t be mafia unless i am? lol

We have 6 hours left. Help me figure this out. It’s my second game here: l
I need help

The only reason I am not 100% happy to kill gorta rn is because as many of us have pointed out the scum team wouldn’t really make sense

Also, say out of gorta and appel we think there is a scum, who is the second?
And what if neither of them are

I honestly think YBW is mafia at this point
Their reads are inconsistent and they have learnt nothing from D1 about jumping too quickly on trains

what does everyone else think about YBW
because i’m really doubting either of kiro and cloned are scum and possibly even between appel and gorta

Appel's handling of my slot

For starters I don’t like how Appel handles my slot.
Like she goes from this

to this

The thing is pressure votes don’t usually do shit to increase my activity and activity (or the lack thereof) is NAI for my slot, as I can be lazy/unmotivated. Appel knows this as well, which to me looks like she is casting shade on my slot.

I also become her number 1 scum at this moment, which is strange because Appel says this a bit later

and then Appel switches her read on me again

and then goes

At this point I made a complete readlist and now for d2

Appel then votes me on d2 and maintains that vote for a long while even after I attempt to explain my own actions and that’s when the real shading starts.

[SFM] Newbie-Friendly Pokèmon 9er - Day 2 (7/9)

and they start thinking I am a bad towny?

after this point Appel goes back to shading and misunderstanding the things I say

the odd thing is that they flip back to the belief that I am a “bad towny”

Appel throwing shade on the prs

I also get the vibe that Appel was trying to throw sus in between the two and get one of them out after me

Appel is a very capable wolf and usually keeps bad townies alive and tries to let the town fight each other till they lose. In one game she didn’t kill everyones top townread to cast doubt on said person. This factors in with what I have above. If you want additional reading I linked 3 town and 3 scum Appel games

additional reading

Corrupt Votes FM - Day 6 (3/15) - Town wins by voting out town mafia
Watch Your Mouth!: Sophomore Year (3/17) - Day 5 - Planters (Mafia) Win! mafia
[FoL] Forum of Lies 29 - OVER (9/18) - CULT FOOL WIN mafia
Wild West FM - Day 5 - Mafia Win! ~ town
[Misc] Airlock (Aliens Win) ~ town
Dreaming Gods and Dreaming Titans FM - Game Over [5/24] - Bellerophon and Pegasus Win! ~ town game

I thought the same and said it before. wait…

I wanted to make a fancier case, but that’s my reasoning for suspecting Appel (that and paranoia)

This is weird

If we’re focusing on pairings I’m gonna say if Kiro is a wolf, he can pretty much only be a wolf with either Appel or Cloned. I feel pretty weird about the possibility that both the other PR claims are wolves, so it’s not very high on my scum pairing list and I’m kind of tempted to clear both of them since we’ll see what the night brings.

Also, Arctic, I’m still scumreading Worse based on his actions as I said. Seems like a good candidate for newbie wolf.

Gorta, you said Appel likes to keep bad townies alive, but she’s been pushing you as either scum or bad townie. Not sure that makes her scum.


That is very weird…

i just don’t know what to do
if it’s neither appel nor gorta and we kill both today and tomorrow we lose

but then i also don’t want to lead a mislynch on ybw and screw us over

and tracker can’t really confirm everyone since the mafia PR doesn’t have to be shown as killing

Well, I’m positive that Cloned was not the one who made the kill at any rate lol. That’s basically all I know. He’s a PR of some sort and he wasn’t the N1 killer.

I can only say that we must make sure we vote for a baddie. Anyway from what I said earlier I don’t think wing is telling us all lies. So he will definitely confirm another player tomorrow and live to tell the tale.

Appel likes chaos, which comes from bad townies. Like I am an easy mislynch, but the chaos that has come from this argument today isn’t the best for the threadstate. It’s easier to hide if everyone is fighting and there is chaos. My point is I don’t like how she moves me from town -> scum -> town -> to scum -> to bad towny.

I think Worse is the least likely candidate to flip as a mislynch, if I’m being honest. It’s either a 50/50 between Appel and Gorta, or we’re actually looking at two townies sussing each other. Also, if Worse flips scum then imo neither Gorta nor Kiro is scum.

But I want Worse to weigh in here, with his own words, and without piggybacking on others’ opinions.

the only time he has done this was when he had a read on gorta d1 which he hardly pursued

That’s exactly my point. I want him to speak up and give us a solid reason why we shouldn’t be scumreading him.

It could be that I am paranoid after seeing what Appel can do as scum first hand and I know that she could mess a group of newbies up big time. That’s what scares me here and in the past I have read people based on how they read my slot. Throwing shade on my slot + switching their read on me in the span of minutes concerns me.