[SFM] Newbie-Friendly Pokèmon 9er

Welcome to Newbie-Friendly Pokèmon 9er, hosted by @Arete and cohosted by @DatBird!


Follow the Global Forum Rules, given in this post:

Additionally, for this game, a minimum requirement of 20 substantive, on-topic, game related posts per in game day are required. Posts that are explicitly or obviously made solely for the purpose of meeting this requirement do not count towards the minimum, nor do posts containing solely a vote. The first time a player fails to meet this requirement, they will be given a warning; the second time they fail to meet it, they will be replaced out. A player who zero-posts will be subbed out without a warning. This requirement may be reduced or waived if an elimination is hammered early by majority.

The game will begin when full.

Role List

Closed (see below)

Sample role PMs:



Vanilla Town

You are a Vanilla Townie. Your only weapons are your voice and your vote.

Defeat the Mafia.


Mafia Goon

You are a Mafia Goon. You share a 24/7 private chat with your fellow members of the Mafia. Each night, the Mafia must kill a player outside your faction.

Reach parity with the town.


  • This set-up is explicitly newbie-friendly, and additionally designed to be friendly to players who may feel that they are not normally listened to, or that their voices are drowned out by those of more experienced players. This is largely up to self-selection; however, at my discretion, I may apply Wisdom of the Mod to more experienced and vocal players who wish to join. To be clear, players do not need to be newbies to join; however, if you’re generally an extremely vocal player whose reads are followed, this game isn’t really designed for you.

  • The set-up is a closed 9 player set-up. However, the following information is public:

    • The game consists of 7 members of the Town and 2 members of the Mafia. The Town wins upon eliminating all members of the Mafia; the Mafia wins upon reaching parity with the town.

    • There will be at least one “power role,” but many roles will be vanilla.

    • All roles in this set-up are normal roles, or variants of normal roles. For the purposes of this game, all roles and modifiers found on this page qualify as normal.

    • The Mafia factional kill is assigned and non-exclusive. This means that a specific member of the Mafia must be chosen to carry out the factional kill, but that member may additionally perform their normal night action if applicable. If the member performing the factional kill is not specified, the last member to submit a kill will be assumed to be performing it.

    • The Mafia factional kill is mandatory. If a kill is not submitted, it will instead target a random member of the town, and be performed by a random living member of the Mafia.

    • Flavor is not alignment or role indicative.

  • Days are 48 hours unless majority is reached early and nights are 24 hours.

  • Eliminations are majority and plurality.

  • In the case of a tie, the elimination will be randomized between all tied players.

  • No-eliminate is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-eliminate and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-eliminate will have priority in the rand.

  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.

  • Votes are locked in LyLo (eliminate-or-lose) scenarios, but not in MyLo (miseliminate-and-lose) scenarios. That is to say, in situations where town must eliminate correctly or lose, the first vote cast by a given player is final and cannot be changed.

  • All votes must be in the form /vote [name of player] to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form /unvote. This is to enable the smooth processing of votes.

  • The Mafia will communicate through a private Discord server or forum topic.

Player List:

  1. Min
  2. an_gorta_pratai
  3. clonedcheese
  4. ArcticXI
  5. kiromishiro21
  6. Silviu200530
  7. Appelsiini
  8. WindwardAway
  9. YouButWorse


  1. Mist
  2. eevee
  3. PKR
  4. Geyde
  5. katze
  6. sulit
  7. ThePigeonNYC


  1. Marshal (informed)
  2. Italy (informed)
  3. Eli (informed)
  4. Chloe (uninformed)
  5. GGhana (informed)
  6. Astand (informed)
  7. Jane (uninformed)
  8. Trochilidae (informed)


/backup backup


I thought we tricked newbies into thinking this was a FM forum and then ate them?

/informed spectator



marshal should prob in for this

can you in if your reads regularly lead town off of a cliff

asking for a friend


it says pokemon

/cohost if needed if not informed spec

you are like

exactly the opposite of the target playerbase for this game

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im legally obligated to sorry

you can wotm me into backups/out if you want tho

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It was a joke
I was never going to in I have other obligations

And I was asking for a friend so idk why you directed that at me

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Keep posts in here to a minimum

No memes in general
Only ToL in general

Neuts are BD
BD must claim
Claiming is always good

yyyyeah I feel like given that you were literally a champs finalist you count as a too experienced player (Sheppard don’t @ me)

I’ll put you in backups for now, pending seeing how long this game takes to fill

fair enough



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this is targeted harassment


add a postcap

hehe claim knight

No bls


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