[SFM] Steve Miller's The Joker Mafia - Night 5 (3/13)

Steve Miller’s The Joker Mafia

A Mafia game by: @Osieorb18
Cohosted by: @Chloe
Reviewed by: @DatBird (and Togs)

Game Info:

  • This is a Closed Special Setup for 13 Players.
  • I will do my best never to lie to you, and while some roles may lead to false results (such as a Miller or Godfather), as far as myself and my reviewer can tell, this setup does not contain bastard roles. The setup was created with the fun of the players in mind.
  • 48 Hour Hug Deadlines, 24 Hour Night Phases.
  • In addition to the general 15 substantive, on-topic, game-related posts per day phase requirement, you are required to make at least 5 such posts per 24 hours in the thread or in a nightchat. I will not necessarily check this closely but if you cannot post, contact me.
  • Any phase may have a twilight or dawn for the host to have a life. Usually, phases will change around 9 AM PST (give or take an hour or two). Phase lengths may be altered to account for this.
  • Night actions submitted within the last 4 hours of the Night phase might not be counted at host discretion and/or missing it.
  • Flavourgaming and setupgaming are both meaningless, but will give me a chuckle so feel free.
  • Majority and Plurality Execution are in play.
  • If players choose to No-Hug or if no plurality is reached, the day phase ends in no hug.
  • Factional Kills are Optional.
  • At host discretion, if players choose to No-Hug, then No-Kill, then No-Hug once more, a random Town player will be eliminated.
  • Players with chats can chat at any time unless their role states otherwise.
  • Players must ping @Osieorb18 and @Chloe when they vote if they want the hosts to notice their vote.
  • Mechanics may exist which make claiming detrimental.
  • Alts may be allowed at host discretion.
  • No roles/abilities will be revealed upon flips until certain conditions have been met.


  • Follow all Forum Rules.
  • Communicate with a host via DM or PM if you have any questions, concerns, or if you will not be able to meet the minimum expected level of play for any reason. If you do not do so, you may be forcibly replaced or modkilled without further warning. The more you communicate, the more lenient I am likely to be.
  • If you appear to knowingly and intentionally break any rule, you may be able to run but you cannot hide.
  • If you damage the sanctity of the game through any means, you damage the sanctity of your position in this game and future games. You have been warned.
  • Do not replace out or declare V/LA in the thread. Contact a host.
  • Players may not vote for themselves.

Living Players:

  1. @min
  2. @Atlas
  3. @EliThePsycho
  4. @Ruri@clonedcheese


  1. @Bradland - Eliminated Day 1 - Mafia
  2. @Arcanine - Died Day 2 - Mafia
  3. @Cream - Eliminated Day 2 - Town
  4. @Luxy - Died Night 2 - Town
  5. @SherlockHolmes - Eliminated Day 3 - Town
  6. @Leafia - Died Night 3 - Town
  7. @Wisp - Died Night 3 - Town
  8. @Ratchet - Eliminated Day 4 - Neutral
  9. @Arctic - Died Night 4 - Town


  1. WindwardAway
  2. GGhana


  1. Squirrel2412
  2. DatBird (Informed, duh)
  3. thepigeonnyc (Informed)
  4. TrustworthyLiberal


END OF DAY 1 - BradLand is eliminated! (Mafia)

START OF DAY 2 - Nobody died!
Day 2: Shot Rings Out - Arcanine died! (Mafia)
END OF DAY 2 & Flips - Cream is eliminated! (Town)

START OF DAY 3 - Luxy died! (Town)
END OF DAY 3 - SherlockHolmes is eliminated! (Town)

START OF DAY 4 - Leafia and Wisp died! (Town)
Day 4 - clonedcheese replaces Ruri
END OF DAY 4 - Ratchet is eliminated! (Neutral)

START OF DAY 5 - Arctic died!


Game will begin 2021-10-14T16:00:00Z

Rolecards have been sent.


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Day 1 Start

Chloe is goat.

Day 1 begins now.

Chloe is goat.

With 13 players, it takes 7 to hug by majority.

Chloe is goat.

Day 1 Elim Deadline is 2021-10-16T16:00:00Z.

Chloe is goat.



Chloe goat + first + ratio

NAI massping

  1. @min
  2. @Atlas
  3. @Luxy
  4. @EliThePsycho
  5. @Arctic
  6. @BradLand
  7. @SherlockHolmes
  8. @Leafia
  9. @Ruri
  10. @Wisp
  11. @Arcanine
  12. @Ratchet
  13. @Cream

I found scum. /vote Osie /vote Chloe All joking aside, let’s have a fun game.


Hi guys! I haven’t played with pretty much everyone here except Wisp. Excited to play with you all!


This game is gonna be fun

Also Chloe is goat

chloe is woat


i jest
love ya bud

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Hello! I know some names, and by know I mean I’ve played one game with them, but otherwise this will be entirely new.

Is vote just / name?

/Vote: BradLand

Let’s talk, Brad.

I’m READY to rekt some scum face.

Let’s goooooooooo

Greetings, one and all.

I take it you’re familiar with Brad?

Like I said, I’ve played one game with Brad. He misread me and was apparently certain in my alignment. So feels like a good place to start off.

looks like he’ll fit right in here


That implies I’ll be misread again, and I hope not :frowning: