[SFM] Va-11 Hall-A Greatest Idea Game Thread - Day 7 (5/19) - Mafia Wins



Mechanics Reminder

  • Pre-game is 24 hours, Day is 48 hours, Night is 24 hours.
  • Post minimum is 20*day. However if your faction members complain that you are inactive you’ll be proded earlier. After a prod you have 24 hours to answer before a replacement is sought.
  • There is no Day 1 lynch.
  • Votes are both majority and plurality.
  • Balance is explicitly not guaranteed.
  • Alts allowed.


Eli > Trochilidae (Streaming-Chan) - Town One-Shot Converter
Min > Marshal (Dorothy)
Cloned (DDD) - Town Bodyguard
GGhana (Mario) - Town Lover Tracker
an_Gorta_pratai (Alma Armas) - Werewolf One-Shot Prince
Apprentice (Deal)
Ami (Dana Zane) - Mafia Psychotrooper
TrustyworthyL (Kira Miki)
ATN (Lexi Rivers) - Mafia Psychotrooper
Surge (Gilligan)
Whys (Juli Stingray)
ArcticXI (Beatrice Albert) - Town Lover Fruit Vendor
Amelia (Rad Shiba) - Town Bloodsucker
CRichard > osieorb18 (Virgilio) - Town Cupid
Light (Anna Grahem) - Serial Killer Backup Doctor
Eevee (Nacho Tumbleweed) - Town Mason Doctor
Soulshade5rr (Art von Delay) - Alien Godfather
Wiisp (Stella Hoshii) - Town Hirsute
Tsumugi-Shirogane (Sei P. Asagiri)

  1. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  2. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  3. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  4. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  5. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  6. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  7. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  8. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  9. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  10. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  11. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  12. Town Vanilla (No abilities)
  13. Town Watcher
  14. Town Tracker
  15. Town Tracker
  16. Town Cop (Gets results “mafia” or “not mafia”)
  17. Town Cop (Gets results “mafia” or “not mafia”)
  18. Town Lover Cop
  19. Town Seer (Gets results “werewolf” or “not werewolf”)
  20. Town Seer (Gets results “werewolf” or “not werewolf”)
  21. Town FBI Agent (Gets results “serial killer” or “not serial killer”)
  22. Town Doctor
  23. Town Doctor
  24. Town Roleblocker
  25. Town Jailkeeper (Protect target from kills, roleblocks target)
  26. Town Bodyguard (Does not attack the attacker)
  27. Town Vigilante (Does not have guilt)
  28. Town One-shot Vigilante (Does not have guilt)
  29. Town One-shot Dayvig (Shoots only at day)
  30. Town One-shot Dayvig (Shoots only at day)
  31. Town Compulsive Childkiller (Daykills any revealed Innocent Children)
  32. Town Bulletproof (Immune to nightkills)
  33. Town Supersaint (Kills the hammer vote when lynched)
  34. Town One-shot PGO (Can choose if they will PGO or not on a given night)
  35. Town Mason
  36. Town Mason
  37. Town Mason
  38. Town Mason
  39. Town Mason Doctor
  40. Town Mason Lover
  41. Town Lover
  42. Town Lover
  43. Town Lover
  44. Town JOAT (One Roleblock, One Cop, One Doctor)
  45. Town Vengeful (Can choose who to kill upon lynch)
  46. Town Retired Werewolf Hunter (Named townie)
  47. Town Retired Marine (Immune to Serial Killer kills)
  48. Town Miller (Investigates as Mafia)
  49. Town Hirsute (Investigates as Werewolf)
  50. Town Evangelistic (Investigates as Cult)
  51. Town Tentacled (Investigates as Alien)
  52. Town Watchlisted (Investigates as Serial Killer)
  53. Town Universal Miller (Investigates as all scum alignments)
  54. Town Black Goo (Anyone who targets it becomes Cult)
  55. Town Ascetic (Immune to all night visits except kills)
  56. Town Private Investigator (Gets results “cult” or “not cult”)
  57. Town Gravedigger (Always shown as visiting a target on the night of their death)
  58. Town Nymphomaniac (Compulsively chooses a Lover on Night 1)
  59. Town One-shot Governor (Can stop lynches)
  60. Town One-shot Prince (Can’t be lynched)
  61. Town Godfather (Investigates as Town)
  62. Town IC
  63. Town Hider
  64. Town Enabler (Assigned to a random player, upon death that player loses their night action)
  65. Town Treestump (Can’t vote)
  66. Town Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result “Alien” or “Not Alien”; investigates as “Alien”)
  67. Town Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result “Alien” or “Not Alien”; investigates as “Alien”)
  68. Town Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result “Alien” or “Not Alien”; investigates as “Alien”)
  69. Town One-shot Kingmaker (Chosen player becomes One-shot King, Kings override lynches)
  70. Town Weak Jailkeeper (Dies when jail scum)
  71. Town Bloodhound (Gets result “Town” or “Not Town”)
  72. Town Vanilla Cop (Detects if someone is a Vanilla/Goon or not)
  73. Town Hero (If a King tries to execute you, the King dies instead)
  74. Town Tourist (Compulsively targets someone every night. No effect)
  75. Town Backup Doctor
  76. Town One-shot Commuter (Immune to night actions)
  77. Town Cop-of-all-Trades (One-shot Cop, One-shot Seer, One-shot FBI Agent, One-shot Conspiracy Theorist, One-shot Private Investigator)
  78. Town One-shot Gladiator (Target a player at night; if both alive at daybreak, they are the only two elimination candidates that day)
  79. Town Persona Non Grata (If you are eliminated, any and all Condemners immediately win)
  80. Town Psychiatrist (Target someone each night, if they are an SK they will become a Vanilla Townie)
  81. Town Reloader (Target someone each night, if they have previously used a one-shot ability they regain their shot)
  82. Town Fruit Vendor (Target someone each night. They will be told that they received fruit)
  83. Town Parrot Role (Target someone each night. If they have an active ability, you use that ability on them)
  84. Judas Vanilla
  85. Saulus Goon
  86. One-shot Townie Vanilla (If alive at the start of Day 2, turns into a Survivor)
  87. Underdog Vanilla (When the first Day death occurs, adopts the alignment of the dead player. Starts as Survivor)
  88. Mafia Goon
  89. Mafia Goon
  90. Mafia Goon
  91. Mafia Goon
  92. Mafia Goon
  93. Mafia Godfather
  94. Mafia Tracker
  95. Mafia Doctor
  96. Mafia Roleblocker
  97. Mafia Lover
  98. Mafia Seer
  99. Mafia One-shot Dayvig
  100. Mafia One-shot Governor (Can stop lynches)
  101. Mafia Strongman
  102. Mafia Reflexive Doctor
  103. Mafia Hirsute Goon
  104. Mafia Cupid (Targets player Night 1; all OTHER players who targeted same player become Lovers with target)
  105. Mafia Alpha Goon
  106. Mafia Compulsive Hider
  107. Mafia Fruit Vendor
  108. Werewolf Goon
  109. Werewolf Goon
  110. Werewolf Goon
  111. Werewolf Goon
  112. Werewolf Alpha (investigates as Not Werewolf)
  113. Werewolf Roleblocker
  114. Werewolf One-shot Bulletproof
  115. Werewolf Cop
  116. Werewolf Mason
  117. Werewolf Watcher
  118. Werewolf FBI Agent
  119. Werewolf Ninja
  120. Werewolf One-shot PGO
  121. Werewolf Miller (investigates as Mafia)
  122. Werewolf Supersaint
  123. Werewolf Godfather
  124. Werewolf Gravedigger
  125. Werewolf Parrot
  126. Alien One-shot Prince
  127. Alien Prober
  128. Alien Vanillaiser
  129. Alien Silencer
  130. Bulletproof Alien Lover
  131. Alien Psychotrooper (While alive, all cops with ‘guilty/not guilty’ format results are Insane)
  132. Alien Mass One-shot Redirector (Once per game, choose a player at night. All actions are redirected to that player that night)
  133. Alien Bloodsucker (Treestump someone at night. No Alien may perform the factional nightkill on the same night that you do this)
  134. Alien Sympathiser (If there are (faction) in the game, you are an (faction) goon. If there are no other (faction), you are a VT.)
  135. Survivor Vanilla
  136. Survivor Compulsive Bodyguard
  137. Survivor Mason
  138. Condemner Vanilla (target above in playerlist)
  139. Condemner Vanilla (target below in playerlist)
  140. Serial Killer Two-shot Bulletproof
  141. Serial Killer Immune to Mafia kills
  142. Serial Killer Immune to Werewolf kills
  143. Serial Killer Immune to Alien killls
  144. One-shot Cult Recruiter
  145. Cult One-shot Goomaker (Once per game, at night, target someone to make them take on Black Goo ability)
  146. Wild Card (No alignment. After discards are revealed, discard the Wild Card and draw one new role which you must keep)

Day 1

Time to mix drinks and change lives.

Arrow Down.png\ 10x6


You are, in fact, free to talk.
You are not, in fact, free to vote.

Discarded Classcards
Player name Discard
Eli (Streaming-Chan) Werewolf Cop
Min (Dorothy) Mafia Goon
Cloned (DDD) One-shot Cult Recruiter
Ghana (Mario) Mafia Strongman
an_Gorta_pratai (Alma Armas) Town Tracker
Apprentice (Deal) Werewolf Mason
Ami (Dana Zane) Mafia Goon
TrustyworthyL (Kira Miki) One-shot Townie Vanilla
ATN (Lexi Rivers) Town backup doctor
Surge (Gilligan) Town Lover
Whys (Juli Stingray) Town Nymphomaniac
ArcticXI (Beatrice Albert) Town Evangelistic
Amelia (Rad Shiba) Town FBI Agent
CRich (Virgilio) Town Mason
Light (Anna Grahem) Town Vanilla
Eevee (Nacho Tumbleweed) Werewolf Goon
Soulshade5rr (Art von Delay) Vanilla Townie
Wiisp (Stella Hoshii) Judas Vanilla
Tsumugi-Shirogane (Sei P. Asagiri) Town Vanilla

Alright I have one policy this game and its that you don’t disturb me.

if you do, there will be consequence.

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I haven’t slept yet so I’m gonna go do that now I was waiting for this game to start. a few choices for some discarded cards are a tiny but concerning but remember it doesn’t make anyone lockscum over it (they could of just rolled town thrice which happens)

Kinda trying to work on posting too much so I’m trying to put just more words into posts n shit before sending them out mostly because it’s more productive compared to just going “funny posting go brr”

I’m slightly surprised zero Survivors were ditched

Some interesting cards were discarded. The One-shot Cult Recruiter sounds like it could have been fun. Haha. :slight_smile:

inb4 cult goomaker

I was actually wondering if the other factions were really rare because I was only getting Town and Mafia ones both times.

I mean
There’s less of the non mafia/werewolf non-town in the deck

Man, I have a feeling there will be lots of wild theories in this game. Even more so than the Deus Ex game. :slight_smile:

/vote CRichard

discarding town mason in a setup like this is sketch

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Well one problem

its a finger of suspicion normie :upside_down_face:

btw whats towns evangelistic

Ah yes

I too use /vote for finger of suspicion

Cult miller

So meme votes aside, I need to do some quick math about what the likelyhood of drawing 3 town is. I need to go for a bit, but I’ll think about this question

roughly 18% without WOTM.

Hmm interesting, Ill check that when we get back. Also btw @Mercenary Are we allowed to discuss the rand before this game (the one you rejected because it had more than 50% scum) or is that angleshooting?

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The problem with this is the fact that you can turn a normally evil card into town