SFoL 55 - Dead Chat

There is no Priest.

Now there is.

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Priestess how did you die attacked N1 and 2

Prince exed :eyes:

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And is now out of axes, might I add.

:woman_shrugging: I’d have killed myself too, as Prince. He had to.

But yeah, Prince actions are a little bit questionable, afaik there were more sus people, and the n1 on the Inq… yeah that just confuses me. (so maybe its good that he’s out of exes :eyes: )

Squire is the most useless class ever. :smiley: I could have done my first real action… on D4/N4
And most games are over/almost over on that time
Thanks for making it possible to do a time jump back to Squire, my lovely host.

Btw I literally said it in my logs :wink:

LUL that’s unfair. One was prince kill. One was Inq kill. One was NK kill. One was unseen kill.
At least I hope so… could be that one of the deaths was from an Archer tho

Perfect :sunglasses:

Lul we have to teach people to do at least basic logs :eyes:

Ghostly Aura (Night) - Deliver a message to the Black Rose from the Grave - Infinite Uses while dead(once per night)

Oh well, right, there was something.
Does this ability make any sense? I mean, the NK has lost already when he’s dead
Unless he gets an old Priest to rezz him, I guess…
but this ability doesn’t make that … easier?

Solic is hard fakeclaiming here. Also he pushes and pushes again on the wrong people. I wonder…

Does anyone have an idea who the prince is?

Nice, Squiddie outted as evil :smiley:

By the way, I can reveal things. The Moon Spirit is now Mastermind so lol

But you have to play games, I ain’t giving it for free.

Wait, I’m confused. Was “Moon Spirit” now a NK or an Unseen. I’ve seen only the NK version
lul I have no idea

Lurking Presence (Passive) - If you are killed within the first 3 night you’re next in line will take your place as mastermind and you do not appear as unseen to all investigative classes for those nights

WAIT… I’m an idiot, lul. THATS NOT A NK. Why do people keep copying without colo… oh man. Because they’re no mods. Priestess SMH

Also I wonder, is the n1 (or technically n2) unseen convert now Moon Spirit?

No, you could’ve asked for this, along with asking what your King class would be. The Convert would be an Assassin.

I couldn’t, because I’m an idiot who thinks Moon Spirit is the worst NK ever existed :stuck_out_tongue:

I will take guesses.

Whoever guesses the two gets it.