SFoL 56 - Cult 2.0 Chat

Hja is the

The Harbinger :shield:

"Cult 2.0" Support
Omen of Remorse (Passive) - Whenever a player visits you, they become permanently framed (they will appear to investigators as members of the Unseen ).
Omen of Deceit (Passive) - You appear to investigators as a member of the Blue Dragon . You are also bleeding immune.
Dominance of Pestilence (Day) - All players who attempt to occupy or kill you tonight will start bleeding and their visit will be prevented. The bleeding will kill them in two nights if they are not healed. (2 uses)
Circle of War (Day) - Prevent a player from visiting and being visited tonight (the visits will be automatically prevented). (2 uses)
Grasp of Famine (Night) - Heal a player. They will also be immune to occupation and redirection tonight.
Banner of Death (Night) - Mark a player for death. All attacks that target a marked player are guaranteed to succeed. (1 use)
Defeat the Blue Dragon and any harmful neutrals

Insanity is the

Princess Justice


Cult 2.0 Investigative
Secret Identity (Passive) - If you claim any form of your class in the main thread, all protective abilities on you will fail and your Enhanced Defense passive will fail.
Enhanced Defense (Passive) - If you get attacked for the first time, it will be negated.
Scales of Judgement (Day) - You’ll be told the exact class of the player if they are a member of the uninformed majority such as Blue Dragon or Town. - 1 Use
Righteous Surveillance (Night) - Watch over a player tonight. You will know if they’ve been protected that night. - Infinite Uses
Defeat the Blue Dragon and any harmful neutrals

PoisonedSquid is the

The Torturer

Cult 2.0 Offensive
Royal Blood (Passive) - Your votes for Emperor will count twice.
Solitary Confinement (Day) - Prevents your target from using Day Abilities. - Infinite uses
Incarcerate (Night) - Prevents your target from visiting tomorrow while also preventing visits to them. - Infinite uses
Enhanced Interrogation (Night) - Removes all limited-use abilities charges from your target and they will bleed in the middle of the coming day. - One use
Defeat the Blue Dragon and any harmful neutrals

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Could you edit my classcard’s name to say ‘Face of Sauron’ for the sake of memes

I’ll consider it

Ayyy, one of my Ladybug classes got in :smiley:
I didn’t think it would actually happen, but it did

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Oh btw you guys have a factional kill still deciding assigned vs unassigned atm

/replace out
FM has been adversely effecting my personal life and I lashed out today in a bad way
I’m taking a break

Hja has replaced in for Geyde, please remove yourself @Geyde

@Emilia hello

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Oh hello

Tfw you are cult and there are no conversion

2.0, their were some changes

With the cult leader dead, you’re all scrambling to survive and don’t have the capability to brainwash anyone

I can already tell this is multiball


I’m releasing an alignment list in the game thread when I make it

I’ll probably do a multiball GI next now though

Wait we have 3 scum in 18 player game :sweat_smile:

1 king
3 rand groupscum
1 Rand groupscum/neutral killer
2 Rand neuts
10 town
1 town/neut

@Insanity @PoisonedSquid claim catgirl mason together

Also all scum actions will be done in here please @ me if you do an action so it’s easier for me