SFoL 61.5 - Fortress of the Dark Deity (4/16) - Complete - The Unseen, Guardian, and Senex win!

but anstreim

convert alice n1 what will go wrong

Could have gone better

But I did see people planning with it which was fun

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They’ll die and the convert will be wasted.

I think it was mostly a success too. It still allows people to risk if they want to, but there’s a counterplay as well.
I like it.

But Jane
What if Alice is a convertable NK

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tagging mechanic might have been cool but seeker had way too many ability uses for me to care and NK didn’t care so i actually didn’t pay any attention to it and barely knew how it worked in either roll

but theyre who killed alice

and i probably wasn’t going to nightkill her early :^)

I think an NK that could control the weather would be cool.

Does frostweaver count :sunglasses:

what do you mean

i controlled the weather

its a terrible day for rain

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Frostweaver can only do blizzards, so I wouldn’t count it.

did i really just make a weeb joke

this is chloes fault

@Chloe i hate you


You were going to replace MF with a new NK, right?

But said nk has already been created

Show me.
Also RIP Mind Flayer.

its okay, we have scrolling text boxes in ToL now

we can fit mindstorm there :^)


anstreim you literally know what it is

Oh the Darkstalker.
I thought you were creating something else entirely, I approve.


Sad Jane noises

Spoilers: It’s good.
That’s all you are going to get until SFoL 62 :^)