SFoL 61.5 - Fortress of the Dark Deity (4/16) - Complete - The Unseen, Guardian, and Senex win!

intensify wants to claim in allies, i think it’s possible.

I want to kill starting scum before going convert hunting

minus obvious progression changes convert hunting tends to be ‘X is a good player so they might be converted’ which is a really good way to kill off all the good players and/or people who were townread on D1

Italy is voting exactly where I’d expect him to vote as scum

but I’m not sure that he wouldn’t vote there as town

i personally think id be too scared to do what i did to crich at the start of d2 if i were the n1 convert because i’d try to find a way to save him (and then probably realize its impossible)


im leaning against it but i get why

i cant be the n2 convert because of vulgards n2 action

so if im converted it has to be n1

and i think i have enough interactions with crich for you to determine whether or not its likely

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found a VC from a game where Italy was town and there was a similarly outed wolf (there was a redcheck by an un-CC’d cop, and eevee claimed another PR and got CC’d)

but I’m not sure that this is necessarily generalizable? this is probably a Ridiculous Overuse Of Meta anyway

surely italy has to get a towngame eventually right



Good Boy Doggy!

**/Vote 1. Intensify **

I am a puppet to master Napoleon

But that’s it for tonight

vote Intensify

With a slash

@Intensify I’ll probably need your true claim today.

Votes intensify

This is a joke not a vote

Anyway gn

I think Intensify Should be lynched today.


Votee Voted By Votes Tags
Arete clonedcheese 1/6 clonedcheese
Italy Napoleon 1/6 x
Intensify ModeShifter 1/6 ModeShifter
katze x 0/6 TheBlueElixir, Arete

not going to lie I feel a little bad for CRich

like he’s been talking about how much he wants a wolfgame for months and then he finally gets one and most people scumread him on D1

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confirmed doublevoter Pog