SFoL 61.5 - Fortress of the Dark Deity (4/16) - Complete - The Unseen, Guardian, and Senex win!

unironically give duchess this in ToL


So that feeling wasn’t too far off.

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In the end we settled for trying to convert two neutrals anyway.

But yeah Jane, 2/3 of your abilities would ruin me on the spot. You were dangerous.


why was i ever a convert target

If you weren’t Vessel in 61
You would have had to be the N1 convert and join Italy and Derps :^)

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sure BD is possibly busted but still

the BD converts are really strong

im too lazy to compare the unseen vs BD ones but the BD social is literally a mystic noble priest

this is fine

Look at the player list and take a guess.
On D1 I made a list of people who would be good but also obvious converts (Alice/Arete), and then a list of people who would be good but less obvious converts (You/SDA) – so yeah.

What I was looking for was competence + experience + not immediately obvious conversion targets.


I don’t know if that would be better or worse.

tbf the BD social’s abilities are all either town sided or out themself

Let’s see

Investigative one is just a slightly stronger Seeker that inherits day abils
Social one is IC in a can
Support one is… actually pretty unique
Offensive is slightly stronger Invoker
Killer is Acolyte but has a bit more KP
Barista is just a slightly different Plaguebearer :^)

okay actually using the abilities might be difficult

but scum priestmysticnoble is prob really strong if used right

Marquess’s Channel works from any convert
Bounty has some applications late game to quicklynch people

offensive is by far the best


Support one has janitors and rolestoppers

That’s strong in terms of blotting information

Also Amelia you never answered my question about the voting mechanic.

but anstreim

convert alice n1 what will go wrong

Could have gone better

But I did see people planning with it which was fun

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They’ll die and the convert will be wasted.

I think it was mostly a success too. It still allows people to risk if they want to, but there’s a counterplay as well.
I like it.