SFoL 61.5 - Fortress of the Dark Deity (4/16) - Complete - The Unseen, Guardian, and Senex win!

Maybe call it Shadowstalker?

To be fair it was quite strong.
I hope you didn’t have to nerf it too much.

or just stalker :^)

I think it sounds fine.

Also I just remembered that this conversation happened in this game.


first 5 posts of the game had 3 wolves

im going to SR anybody that posts at SoG

that’s the plan

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Actually if you count Arete as the convert, first 5 posts contained 4 scum :^)
Also I was legitimately half-dead because the game started at 4 AM and I messed my D1 quite a bit because I was nervous as hell.

when i said that i don’t think i actually believed it

and then i reconsidered it and didn’t think it was impossible but didn’t think it was likely

i didnt think you were powerwolfing hard enough really

just going deep

I’ve already mentioned it, but it was never the intent to bus him right away.
The only reason I shaded him on D1 was because Arete (and partially Italy) noticed his tone shift, so I took the opportunity without pushing on him overly hard.

What happened on D2 was never meant to go that way – I leaked half of the Allies into our scum chat and informed him, but yeah.

Oh and I think it was you to whom I responded that I’m going to hide in my scum chat early on? That was a thing as well.

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plus crichard heavily implied N1 convert was missed on me and it didnt feel like you knew i was convert immune

although at that point i still had non-NK neut/Vessel equity so that makes sense /shrug

tbf i think being told with no heads up that allies chat was gonna RT the shit out of me would be easier to deal with than preparing for it for hours

I also noticed their odd tone but by the time I’d finished reading the thread I’d already re-evaluated :upside_down_face:

Knowing that RT is coming at least allows you to think through your fake claim and search for things to fall back on, no?
At least in my opinion.

Additionally, on this whole bussing situation (this is the only thing that I will ever post from that chat):



There’s also the fact that technically me and SDA, who were both scum, convinced Napoleon to reevaluate him.
Fun times all around.

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yeah but if you look too prepared then its easy to be interpreted as having TMI

plus id be really nervous and try to prepare overly hard

boxed in :joy_cat:

Imagine being so prepared for the RT you react before it happens.

Relatable, to be honest.

didnt he say that his D1 was a RT before he was actually RTed

i forget

Anstreim, I’m going to assume the “It was all an RT” thing was not discussed in scumchat?

i refuse to believe anstreim would let him post that without resistance