SFoL 61 - Castle of the Blood God - Ended Early, will be Re Randed(15/16)

i didn’t intend to survive long in the first place
i was going to false scumslip day 4 to draw attention

D2 == D4

Also that’s not a good way to play scum

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uhhh if there are any objections then no

if not sure

if there’s no objections in like ~24 hours from end of game i’ll just publicize them both


it’s a great way to play scum
i was gonna make our convert obvtown and then free up a convert slot :eyes:

Please ping me if you do (if you remember to).
I’m specifically interested in the uninformed chat.

you gotta survive until d4 to do that tho

Okay well you have to survive D2 for that, so

derps why didnt you convert me

this is why you uh… i cant even say lost, huh

When is reranding happening?

Derps you were so quick to vote me up when TBE did the RT on me.

I was thinking of pushing you on D3 Derps if I survived.

I tried to convert ans

Ans was scary

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After I eat

I mean that was NAI but

You were my strongest scum read Derps. If I were alive after N2, I’d be pushing you.

Were you thinking of converting me?

but im scarier

Lesson learned from this game. Better to sleep early when playing these games.

I second that. Katze finessed me