SFoL 61 - Castle of the Blood God - Ended Early, will be Re Randed(15/16)

No I don’t stay up till 3-4 am. Midnight is still a little too late for me.

you knew my exact role and i still finessed you

that is the sign of a true gamer moment


The rand has been completed and new class cards will be sent out. Please do not speak in this thread unless it is to /in or /out.


Low effort geyde

I’m going to regret this immediately

~~before you in I’d like to see gorta’s positions

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This was kind of obvious

I was right not to claim my class

I feel good about voting this

I didn’t get this one, but I would have supported a push on this slot

I knew you would get it

This was in my PoE

would you like to /in

sure, why not

To be fair I wasn’t trying to get your class because I wanted to use it for my mechanics, I did so because I believed you were scum

Okay, no more talking for real this time

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Also Amelia might I ask you to add SoD/EoD links to the OP this time around?

A new thread for the game will be created imminently.

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