SFoL 62 - Spectator Chat


Nk will easily explode an open oneiro if they stay away from PoE

Oh yeah, I forgot NK existed.

tbh if oneiro doesn’t nail NK before n3 and NK is alive they just


nothing about oneiro says it bypasses death immunity

it’s basically just doing the NK’s dirty work

some things just aren’t allowed to live
oneiro is one of them

@Amelia can NK be killed by Dream Sphere

Nk dies to Dream Sphere


Blackmail literally everyone

you can’t blackmail the blue dragon
i would 100% suicide bomb the oneiro if i thought it’d kill a lot of scum

Put the Prince/Executioner as well as confirmed people in there

Have an assortment of victims :^)

would still suicide bomb them because i’m a bad prince :^)

Speaking of

Gimme who you think is executioner

i haven’t ready anything

damn it italy you could have made a good replacement

italy scum confirmed

what do you mean i perfectly mimic the town mindset
…unless :eyes:

One less slot I have to modkill for no replacements :^)

I swear to god if I have to do this

pull people from uninformed specs or modkill slots over lack of replacement

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we know too much

amelia has basically spewed seth GK and we know not only that kat is a replacement but who the other replacements are for