SFoL 66: Old Ruins FoL 2 - The Blue Dragon and The Mercenary are Victorious! (11/16)

Welcome to Old Ruins FoL 2 - hosted by @Wazza and reviewed by @Geyde

oh god oh fuck


  1. Follow the Global Forum Rules
  2. If you haven’t posted content in 36 hours, you’ll be prodded for inactivity. If you don’t respond to that prod in 12 hours, you will be force replaced.
  3. No private messaging others in the game about the game.
  4. Do not quote private host messages
  5. Don’t throw the game. This includes any form of intent to make you or your faction lose
  6. Refrain from posting so many times in a row.
  7. Players are not allowed to use big letters. These are reserved for the host.
  8. Lets all have fun and play together!
  9. Do not edit or delete made posts.
  10. Do not like posts in a thread if you are dead in that game.


  • Days last 48 hours, or until a majority is reached for execution. Nights last 24 hours. The first day is an exception and will instead last 24 hours and no players can be executed.
  • All actions must be sent to the mod.
  • Unseen/Cult will talk through a special Discord server.
  • The priest will speak with the dead through a separate Discord server or forum message if they exist.
  • All classes will be used and will be used as the randomizer suggests with a few exceptions.
  • All the classes that are rolled will be rolled like normal, additionally after that the date for that classes period will be rolled to determine what roll the class shall be created from.
  • Classes that are rolled for Jan 21st 2021 work slightly differently. If it is the Assassin / Cult Leader, a factional kill will automatically be enabled.
  • Classes that are rolled for Jan 21st 2021 and are converted to the Unseen will not have a factional kill enabled until they promote, however their factional passives will affect the current Assassin instead or the Cult Leaders first target to kill (Depending on the Cult Leader)


  • To accuse someone say “/vote [player]”. Please make the life of the hosts easier by bolding it, and pinging an active host: **/vote [player] @host** and **/unvote @host**
  • Should the votes reach majority, that player will be executed and the day will end.
  • When the day ends, the player with the most votes will be executed.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • Voting “no execute” is an option.
  • You may self vote.
  • Trials will be randomised to exist or not.

Picking a New King

  • At the start of d2 and every day phase after a king dies, a king election takes place. There will not be an election if there are 4 or less players alive.
  • When the king dies a 12 hour period starts. In this, players may vote in their class PM for who they want to become the next king.
  • Voting for execution may take place simultaneously. If a majority execution takes place before the end of the 12 hour period, the election instantly resolves.
  • Whoever receives the most votes in this period will be crowned king. If votes are tied, a king election will be held the next day to determine it.

Action Results

I’d post a feedback list, but trust me. The feedback for this might get a little out of hand.

Note: Feedback for classes that are rolled from before Limited-Feedback will receive feedback.

In case there are conflicts on the same level (example: two drunks bus drive the same people), all these conflicting effects are canceled.


DM the host what you want on your journal. When you die, the last update to your journal will be revealed to everyone. It has a limit of 1000 characters.


Mastermind / Cult Leader
Assassin / Baron / Moon Spirit / Random Cult
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon / Random Neutral Non-Killer
Random Neutral Non-Killer
Neutral Evil / Neutral Killer


  1. lol :crown:
  2. Akip
  3. GGhana
  4. an_gorta_pratai min
  5. Pikamee
  6. cheese KyoDaz
  7. Marluxion - The Constable - Died Night 1 - Revived Night 2
  8. clonedcheese WindwardAway
  9. Aelin
  10. EVO
  11. Zone_Q11


  1. SirDerpsAlot - The Prince - Died Night 1
  2. dota - The Moon Spirit - Executed Day 2
  3. EliThePsycho - The Mastermind - Executed Day 3
  4. Italy - The Mastermind - Executed Day 4
  5. PokemonKidRyan - The Sorcerer - Executed Day 5


  1. Nightingale
  2. KyoDaz
  3. Whysper
  4. Amelia
  5. min


  1. Jane (Uninformed)
  2. Intensify (Uninformed)
  3. DatBird (Informed)
  4. Katze (Informed)
  5. Arete (Informed)
  6. thepigeonnyc (Informed)
  7. Conduit (Informed)
  8. astand (Informed)

Notes That Should Be Read:

  • For the classes that are rolled, they can be rolled from any time period, I could roll a Maid from August 2017 forsay, and that will be the class a player recieves, then I could also roll a Maid from August 2019, and that will be the class another person recieves. And so on.
  • Full Feedback exists for classes rolled before July 16th, 2018, the rest of the classes will have Limited-Feedback
  • Trials existence will be determined by a roll.
  • The Kings roll has changed, it literally does not exist.
  • Basic Explaination of Rolls: All classes will and can be rolled, and they can be rolled from any time period.
  • All classes that took part in EFoL 4 and 3/4 are able to be rolled.

OP May be changed at any time during Sign-Up Phase, you will be informed if it is.

Classcard Thread:


How rolling will work:

  1. Roll 1-2 - Majority or Majority and Plurality
  2. Roll 1-2 - Trials Exist or Trials Don’t Exist
  3. Roll 1-2 - Unseen or Cult
    IF Unseen:
  4. Roll 1-3 - Assassin, Baron or Moon Spirit
    IF Cult:
  5. Roll 1-? - Random Cult

After a class has rolled, this will occur:

  1. Roll 1-[X - Amount of Variants] - That Time will be chosen for the class


Day 1 Ends
Day 2 Ends - dota is Executed!
Day 3 Ends - EliThePsycho is Executed!
Day 4 Ends - Italy is Executed!

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Set this thread to watching.



You too.

Also, trials do NOT exist and there is ofc not a D1 execution. Day 1 will be 24 hours long and will start 2021-04-12T17:00:00Z.


Update: Due to me being busy tomorrow and not being available at 6pm (my time), the day will instead start at 2021-04-12T16:00:00Z, an hour sooner. I apologise for this inconvenience.


In the darkness of the fallen Kingdom, old souls began to rise, people began to learn of power they once fortold, classes that once weren’t around slowly began to make a rise back to power leading to a curse of the unknown. While the Blue Dragon got more powerful, of course both the Unseen and the Cult did the same…And of course, those who remained in the shadows unknown also did the same. It was experimental at first, but slowly it became more and more common that those had gone back to their roots while some stayed the same. The darkness rises more and more as a light beams above and the first day begins with everyone discussing the lack of a leader in the court.

(terrible flavour but I had to write something!)

Day 1 has begun and will end at 2021-04-13T16:00:00Z. You may now speak.





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I am having SFoL63 flashbacks.
/vote PokemonKidRyan

–wait, no. I don’t have a grudge towards PKR anymore.
/vote clonedcheese

Oh I wasn’t expecting this to have started yet okay

some wounds never heal

Voting me = scoom

/vote zone

What was I in SFoL63?
I cannot remember

the marshal

Trying to remeber here too
Was i even in that game?

You were some kind of invest, I believe.
It was the game where I was the Torturer.
The one game with the bloody drawing?


zone was the duke
pkr was the marshal
and you were both town

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He retaliates. HE IS ACTUALLY SCUM!
/votes harder