SFoL 67: Clash of Cults 2 -- Balance/Discussion Thread

The Original CoC, for reference

tidied up the OP and modernized the Corax Cult

not entirely sure how i want to handle Tavernkeeper Alts and Mithras Cabalists

/Host of the coes?

I was like so confused Im like I didnt approve this to open, then read rest of title



I’ll give my idea on a Mithras Cabalist

this looks cool

im not really looking for a cohost rn since there’s quite some time before this runs

gonna do some stuff in a bit and then brainstorm TK alts (should be simple) and Mithras Cabalist (might just let this class be the same for both cults, tbh?)

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it returns, geyde

Cult bad

this is the only way anstreim might witness/participate in a cult victory

emphasis on might


No, I’d absolutely join this.
Also let me read now.



There are probably going to be a lot of these going down.

are all the bd classes the same

yeah I copy pasted current cult into the Corax slots

I’m sure there’s quite a few references to mithras I’ll have to fix later

Should be

okay no more procrastinating



how do cult alts work

do you get like 2 abils from the selection

like do you chose 2 of these to take

the explanation there didnt help

If you want me to, I can compile a list with suggestions for you for every instance/reference of Mithras on Corax Cult’s class cards, and Corax on Mithras Cult’s class cards.


The Mithras Cabalist :crossed_swords:

Mithras Cult Special
Eldritch Concoction (Day) - Brew a potion to use at night with Apply Concoction. You must use each potion before using the same one again. Infinite uses
Apply Concoction (Night) - Use the potion you have created with Eldritch Concoction. Infinite uses

  • Corrupt Potion - Occupy a player for tonight and tomorrow.
  • Ceremonial Potion - If you are chosen for Blood of Mithras tonight, the Cult Leader may select an additional non-Cult player to kill.
  • Radiant Potion - Learn a player’s class should they be a member of the Blue Dragon.
  • Blood Potion - Heal a member of the Cult as well as making them appear as a member of the Blue Dragon to investigations.

Defeat the Blue Dragon and Corax Cult.

Mithras Cabalist. Makes thematic sense for it to use potions because of the whole alts thing

katze I’m in favor of using new Apostle for the Corax Apostle