SFoL Grand Idea "Oops All Modifiers!" Thread v1


Every post here must contain a Modifier. It could be an existing one or something new. If the modifier is an existing FoL (any) modifier, the name and a hyperlink to it will qualify it. If it is a modifier that is already in this thread, put down the name hyperlinked to the post in this thread that includes its class card. Otherwise you must make the entire class card.

Include the post number of your post in its description. A post number may only cover one modifier.


Post #

Modifier Name

Modifier’s text.

Modifiers can NOT prevent others from appearing in a game by being rolled.

You can not change any aspect of an existing post in a future post.

Consecutive duplicate posts of the same modifier are banned. This includes named variants.

You may not change a core aspect of the game. Examples include: Removing the town faction, removing voting, etc.

  • This does not include renaming any aspects of the game. You are allowed to make a modifier that renames every class into one name.

Moderators have the option to delete modifiers that do not fit the rules of this thread.

How to use the GIOAM threade:

Instead of rolling classes, you roll modifiers from this thread, which may alter gameplay. This can be used in GIFoL, but should be announced if using. You should only use a few amount of Modifiers, as using too many may cause an un-welcoming environment to play in.

Hoste Notes:

The host has the right to reject/reroll any modifers if they so wish.

GIFoL games fall under SFoL.

To start this thread:


Rise of the Red Dragon

The name of the Informed Minority will be The Red Dragon.


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Modifiers that rename stuff are useless in my opinion.

Ok but how do u roll a class when it’s only modifiers. Unless they are all vts this seems like it wont work

This is supposed to be used in conjunction with the GI thread

Oh ok


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