[SFoL] SFoL 48: Hand of Byzantium II - (3/16) - Completed - The Unseen, the Necromancer, and the Insurgent Win!

I claim claim claim claim claim claim

Innocent child steps in

Mafia Innocent Child

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I guess it depends heavily if you come from ToL and have never played FM before, or if you come from other sites. I don’t really think it is required to learn the terminology if you’re playing FoL here, at least from my experience.

No bastard



I think, what you really need as completely FoL Newbie, is:

  1. Bring a lot of time, prepare yourself to read a lot. Make yourself notes, write down every claim and softclaim you are able to spot. Reading is king.
  2. If you don’t understand something, ask. If it’s something mechanical, ask your host.
  3. Talk, don’t be shy. Give the others the chance to read you as BD.
  4. Try to not go off-topic or meme too much, this will only make the thread less readable, and that’s bad for BD. Don’t make the life of your fellows harder.
  5. Make your own decisions, try to make your own reads. Sometimes it’s better to listen to the majority, but remember, it’s your game, do what you think it’s right.
  6. If you realize you’re emotions are going out of control and you are raging, step back from the PC for a while. It’s not fun for anyone, when you insult others.

You say this in jest but if everyone townreads you as scum it’s a good path to victory.

Who does that

I have a very particular taste in moderators :slight_smile:

If not lazy me. If lazy I go off memory.

That’s even standard in ToL . . .

Because It’s much more fast phased

Don’t tell me you’re writing essay

I disagree with one thing: If people are flaming you, it’s totally acceptable to step back for a while, noone can expect from you that you are deliberately read and answer to that shit.

It depends on the flaming/issues.

For example when Geyde was doing some things I wasn’t particularly fond of in a recent game me stepping back wasn’t an option for two reasons:

  1. No other scum was posting at that time. A game with no scum posting isn’t fair for town.

  2. Me responding with a replace out would have made that fight alignment indicative/noticed

Backing away may not always be an option however not feeding the fire is.

I’m not saying to replace out, but it can’t be expected from you that you are risking your own mental health or such. Just say something and vote when others ping you, and always do your actions. This is a game, and it is supposed to be fun. As long as you’re not throwing deliberately.

Don’t fight fire with fire
Just add gasoline

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Super secret bonus tip:

As Cop, never check somebody who you almost certainly think is a wolf unless you have a sudden desire to functionally waste a night. Nullreads before Wolfreads before Uncertain Villagereads is the ideal priority for a Cop-like role.


Secret tip: Muting people can help immense ^^

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