SFoL62 - Regal Lions - Cult and Oneiromancer Victory!

Like, the only thing I didn’t dislike from them so far is the “How to win” post because it’s NAI.

Maybe I should wait until they have reads.

*didn’t like

aaaa I can’t spell today.

Wait, no it is correct.

My brain is mush.

Way too early to read this especially seeing how NAI the post is lol

Maybe you should get some sleep then, sleep is good Jane


It’s like 6 PM here.

I only just had dinner.

I think I just need to clear my head for a sec.

I don’t really see anything that stands out in their posts just yet.
It’s probably way too early to judge, also while that post is NAI, it should still be read through imo.

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Also, after you get your answer, just out of curiosity – are you planning to post any icebreakers this time?
I feel like it could help since I know that a few people here took part in other games, but there’s also the fact that some of us haven’t really played much, which means our answers would be largely the same.

On a sidenote – like I said I’m sleep deprived and I’ve been awake for a while now, so I’ll probably go to bed in ~1 hour.

Glad I’m not the only one who’s brain is mush.


Oh. Well, I’m blind because I saw no reply to that post.

sure, I can do icebreakers

what was everyone’s most recent completed game, and what did you learn from it?

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Read the fourth one, get sleep, you are in your best self when you can actually focus

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Oh yes that’s easy



don’t re eval ppl you scumread D1 into towncore for no reason when they’re actual scum

tell people to read after my death

iso people before you bleed them


Jane’s posting seems decent

possibly I’m biased because they’re the first person to actually make a read

DGADT? What was that if I may ask

Dreaming Gods And Dreaming Titans

Ah yes that one. That was interesting in my opinion

Jane’s posting seems just fine to me right now.
I still stand by my words that it’s too early to make reads, also note that more than half of the playerlist isn’t present in the thread yet. Want to wait until making any kinds of conclusions.

I’m capable of maintaining my focus for now, though I might go earlier because it seems like there aren’t that many people around – so there’s not much discussion that will be happening.

Mine was DGADT

I would say that I learned not to let people live too long off of mech-confirms in a closed set-up but I knew that already


I learned that ‘don’t give people a free pass for doing nothing useful just because of meta/because everyone else is doing it’ is an effective way of finding wolves

Alright, I think my brain is not a mush right now.

I think that’s FoL 28?

My reads are good sheep me nerds.

Don’t think I learned much individually, but the strategy town had as a whole was good.