SFoL65: Reminiscence Of Adiart Village Classcard - Blue Dragon HQ

Once you arrived in the Adiart Village, dwellers were looking at you with suspicious eyes. Even so, the Chief welcomed you and leaded toward your rooms where you can stay. The inside were humble that contained a bed, single chair and desk. The walls are suprisingly thick thus in case of emergency they can consult with each other without any issues.


Samaritan Chief :shield: :star:

Blue Dragon Special
You are the elected representative of Adiart Village. You don’t plan to stay as Chief for long, however you want to do your best for all people who trusted you.
Rally (Passive) - If you die, a vote to determine the next Chief will be held at the start of the next day.
Leader (Passive) - Your vote count as 2.
Adventurer’s Legacy (Passive) - Inherit one of the abilities from your previous class along with remaining uses.
Veto (Day) - Make a player unable to be voted up by all players and nullify all votes on them for the rest of the day. Disable this ability at MyLo/LyLo situations. - 1 use
House Arrest (Night) - Occupy a player and prevent anyone else from visiting your target. - 2 uses
Singular Strike (Night) - Select a player. You will kill them if on the last day they were voting for execution of a known Villager or a member of the Blue Dragon. - Infinite uses
Defeat the Thieves Guild.


Ice Dragon Avatar :shield: :crossed_swords: :wrench:

Blue Dragon Support
“You are a incarnate of an Ice Dragon that was living for thousands of years. In this form your power may been decreated however you’re still big threat for anyone that dare to hurt your allies.”
Dragon Scales (Passive) - Immune to death once. Immune to bleeding and poisoning.
Contracted Dragon (Passive) - You can use your abilities only on fellow members of the Blue Dragon.
Water Cleanse (Night) - Heal a player, preventing them from dying and cure them from bleeding and poison. Protect a player from negative effects. - 2 uses
Icy Trap (Night) - Prevent anyone else from visiting your target. Any visitor will be frozen (Occupied for next 2 nights). - 2 uses
Defeat the Thieves Guild.


Looks like we’ll get to see ScumwardAway after all!

Wait nevermind we’re not scum
We’re Masons! pog

yeah we’re masons lol
pretty cool though! these roles look fun

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you can masonize one person, too

Yeah, we can figure that out sometime d1

figure it out d1, yeet it at d2 start

I’m guessing some villagers might obvtown themselves so we’ll probably have a couple of conversion targets to choose from

We have a D1 Lynch :flushed:

I’m trying to find the signup thread again to read the game mechanics lol

if one of us has to claim we can fake claim since Ice Dragon Avatar is immune to death once

so if need be we can swap claims

yep that’s what I was thinking
I can also protect you (or a convert) twice by healing you

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I’m trying to figure out how to defend you from getting yeeted without spewing myself as the other BD lol

I’m under no pressure don’t fret

I’m wondering how the game went from memeing to scumreading within a span of like 10 minutes, though lol

My WIM is sky high due to this rand

let’s destroy some thieves

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