SFoL65: Reminiscence Of Adiart Village Classcard - Thieves Guild HQ

"Yesterday, you heard bad news. The Adventure Party has appeared that according to intel, they intent to get rid off you in one feel swoop. What makes things worse, some of the Villagers are planning to go against you despire all your threats. The emergency meeting was called in order to discuss about solutions on upcoming crisis."


Schemer :shield: :star:

Thieves Guild Special
“You’re the criminal mastermind that serves as brains in your group.”
Working In The Shadows (Passive) - Unless you’re the last alive member of the Thieves Guild, you cannot perform a factional kill. Corrupt Chief doesn’t count towards last alive member of the Thieves guild.
Clever Organizer (Passive) - While you’re alive, your teammates can perform a normal action alongside with factional kill.
Polite Yet Two-Faced (Passive) - You appear as Villager for investigators.
Obstruct (Day) - Select a player. Until next day, they will receive no feedback if any and disables all day abilities used on target. - 2 uses
Advanced Planning (Day) - Select a teammate. Their actions would be guaranteed to succeed the following night. - 2 uses
Defeat the Villagers and the Blue Dragon.


Counterfeiter :speech_balloon:

Thieves Guild Social
“You’re master at deception in more ways than one.”
Perfect Crime (Passive) - While performing factional kill, if you killed your target their class and logs won’t be shown to anyone beside yourself.
Framed! (Day) - Select a player. If someone dies the next night, make it look like they visited them. If more than 1 player died last night, it will prioritize factional kill. - 2 uses
Forged Papers (Night) - Make your teammate appear as a Villager. - 2 uses
Defeat the Villagers and the Blue Dragon.


Mugger :wine_glass:

Thieves Guild Offensive
“You’re a first-class brute, even if you aren’t very smart you can make it up with your muscles.”
Frenzy (Passive) - While performing factional kill, you have occupy and redirection immunity. It cannot be bypassed.
Yoink! (Day) - Remove 1 use from each target’s abilities. You can’t use it Day 1. - 2 uses
Stunning Fist (Night) - Occupy a player. - Infinite uses
Defeat the Villagers and the Blue Dragon.


Drug Dealer :shield: :dagger:

Thieves Guild Killer
"You’re illegal drug trafficer that is very known for possesing different type of drugs.
Deadly Drug (Passive) - While performing factional kill, your attack bypasses healing.
Substance Delivery (Day) - Select one of the following effects, 4 uses: :crown:

  • Make a player bleed, they will die after 2 nights unless healed.
  • Poison a player, they will die after 3 nights unless healed. They won’t be informed.

Defeat the Villagers and the Blue Dragon.

I’m glad that I inned now.

Let’s make a Discord group for ourselves too.

I’m excited too, also I went inactive for a whole day in clown fiesta 2(along with being pretty inactive in general), which is something I want to improve on for this game

Good idea. Let’s win this.

I’ll do the factional kills too so healing won’t be a problem.

/replace out

Huh? Why are you replacing out?

Becouse this setup is terrible.

And if you want town points ask this in thread instead.

I don’t see it as being terrible.

At least i hope you learned to read OP before signing up to prevent such situations happening ever again. On bright side, the game started. :slight_smile:

Poor Min. Becoming the new Chloe. I’ll do my best to pocket Marl too.

Welcome At. At least I’ll look good when Cheeki flips wolf.

I’m gonna vibe