Shadows - [Main Thread]

The city of Jaran. A modern city in a country name Liesan. It has been peaceful, crime rates low and a booming economy. People come in and out every day, as the busy hustle of the city rushed along.

And everyone continues on their daily work…

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Lately, the news have been featuring missing people reports. There are also rumors of ghosts existing in the abandoned building “Gateway”.

Different scenes will happen for different roleplayers. Post here with a scene in your mind to get started!

Characters do not know of this scene. However, use this scene to understand what your characters will eventually go through!

A young lady kneaded at her temples as she walked through the entrance of her own home. Muimi took a deep breath, and heaved a poor sigh, just as she took out a can of beer from her refridgerator.

“Seriously… having to keep up with the trends… I’m exhausted and dying here…” She thought. Bursting open the can in her hand, she chugged down all of the sweet, bitter tasting alcohol in one gulp. Nothing hit better than washing your problems away with alcohol, especially for a single woman living alone.

“That hits the spot…” She smiled gleefully as she saf back and sighed another time. “That damn director had a lot of issues, why does he have to give me so high of an expectation, huh?!”

Shouting out to the open, empty room… Way better than having to stand in front of people. At one point she used to love the audience, but it had faded away at some point in her career.

“C’mon… Give me a break…”

“Look out of the window…”

Huh. It had only been a can. But the stress… she needed to cool off… Damn that Director! Haha! Gulp…

“Look out of the window…”

Maybe turning on the television would be good… wait, she’d be looking at her own job. That’s ridiculous, Home is a sacred sanctuary!

“Look out of the window…”

“Just shut up already! What, you aren’t my Director!” She cried out loud. She then walked to her balcony, and looked out.

What she saw, defied every expectation of what she really saw.

The worst part is, she was sober enough to understand what was going on and to assess the situation.

“W-wait a minute… What was I hearing…? Who was that? What IS that?”

“Now stay still, my child…”

Her limbs suddenly felt heavy, and she could only turn to look at what was outside, right in front of her, inside her own house.

Yet the next thing to happen… was another world breaker.

Close. 1 week ago.


Do skool, life gud

Deal drugs, life gud

Get money, life gud

Get kidnapped by a wierd shadow monster that can’t be explained by the laws of science or any religion and be forced to be taken to an unknown world thst’S either gonna result in me tortured or have me do some kinda of heroic thing that I know im too lazy to do cause cmon I give people drugs or maybe I just die who knows and then probably never return and never finish high skool and get my degree in drug dealing 101 and all my family members will miss me well ok none of them will probably miss me who am I kidding they’ll all probably just think I moved to Lower Canada to participate in my community hours or service or some crap…

Ehh less gud.

Did I do this right

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(Maybe third person? I cant tell other than the fact your character is definitely monologuing)

(Also this is a future thing every RPer will face eventually)

As Taisto turned the keys in the ignition, his battered old car sputtered to life. The early morning hours kept the sun at bay for now, and the streets were relatively quiet. With a sigh of relief, Taisto left the parking lot of the pizzeria and pulled onto the main road that would lead him home. His fingers grazed over the radio buttons until he found a station he liked, and he sang along to the lyrics as he drove.

The streetlamps whirred by as the car sped along, their burnished glow painting the asphalt with an ethereal light. The city buildings in the background swept the night sky with their height, the lights in their windows mere dots in the scenery. Taisto turned up the volume a bit louder and rolled down the window to feel the wind on his face.

After five and a half songs and a couple of radio advertisements, he pulled into his apartment lot and parked. None of his neighbors were likely to be awake at this time, and he moved quietly so as not to cause a commotion; he knew his routine well. In a robotic motion he typed in the code to the entrance, but the screen beeped angrily at him.


Puzzled, Taisto made another attempt to get in.


He frowned. This was unusual; they hadn’t announced a change of code.


“…Shit.” He fumbled around in his pockets for the backup key, and inserted it into the lock. But when he pushed the door, it opened easily - as if it had already been open. Cautiously stepping inside, he glanced around him. The lights turned on automatically, as expected, and nothing looked out of the ordinary. There seemed to be nothing wrong, but he peered around nonetheless. Nothing caught his eye, however, and he shut the door and proceeded up the stairs to his apartment.

// idk if I’m doing this right but uh here’s a scene


The day is fresh.

Like another day…

But it’s very fresh…


Actually no idea… what the hell is a fresh day anyways… oh wait yes back to the scene

In a dark alleyway, Omi lies waiting there.

Omi looks around in the alleyway, awaiting his “clients”.

“You got the good stuff?”, someone quietly spoke.

“Yeah here it is,” says Omi as he pulls out mysterious white powder out of his jacket and hands it to the mysterious person…

They make an exchange, and qieut move along their ways, but as soon the man leaves the alleyway, he hears a scream, and turns to see that Omi has dissapeared.

“Shrug, kids these days and randomly disappearing”.

Did I do it right this time


However… Taisto definitely felt different. The house, indeed was colder than it should be. The silence of the building never felt louder than it ever was. As he reaches the door… he feels a presence behind it. Cold, and danger signals fill his body.

(Pretend the disappearance hasnt happened)

As the man walked away, Omi saw someone looking at him from inside the alleyway, by a trash can.

That person looked exactly like him. Except for the pale skin and red eyes. Just staring at him. Almost looked like a zombie… though he felt more of a doll than a flesh eater.

Omi looks in surprise. “Dad is that you? You finally came back from getting milk!!!”

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The figure says nothing, but stares soullessly into Omi’s eyes. It then turns away, and slowly walks out into the open.

Is it even breathing? What is that?

He reaches out a hand tentatively toward the door, but just as he’s about to insert the key, he hears a noise. The sound causes him to freeze, unsure whether to open the door or run, but he reaches into his pocket to pull out a small pocketknife. Flicking it open, he slides the key into the lock and turns it, then lightly pushes the door open while holding the knife ready to stab.

Omi quietly stays frozen… and then realizes he should probably call the damn cops.

Omi picks up his phone and dials in 911

The door opens, and in there, as Taisto looks around, that there was someone sitting on the windowsill. They turn, for you to find out: that they looked exactly like Taisto. Except their skin was pale, and they had red glowing eyes, as if a monster from a B-grade horror movie.

Omi dials in 911… and a cop picks up.
“This is 911 emergency services , what is your emergency?”

“If it’s another one of those bitch ass hotel cards I’m going to break this fucking phone and quit my job, I signed to protect the peace not some paranormal bullshit”

Taisto blinks a couple of times, squints in disbelief, and glances up and down at what seems to be his doppelganger. “You’ve got to be kidding me…” he mutters, continuing to stare at it. He takes a step, and then another, still wielding the pocket knife in front of him. Without looking, he reaches to the side and manages to grab a large umbrella from the doorway.

“Who - or what - are you?” he questions his demonic doppelganger, umbrella and knife poised.

Omi is silent for 5 seconds… listening to the 911 operator rant…

And then immediately says “yeah I’d like to report a paranormal bullshit situation”

The Taisto(?) stares emotionlessly at the real one, before dropping from the windowsill to outside the apartment. Regardless of where they went, there was no noise, no thump. They just disappeared, as if they were a ghost and nothing more.

On the windowsill, lies a hotel Gateway Card.

Omi’s ears are blasted with an explosion of profanities for approximately 2 and a half seconds before the line abruptly cuts off after a loud snap was heard.

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Venturing closer, Taisto glances around quickly only to find that his doppelganger really has disappeared, as if nothing more than an apparition. No trace in the apartment, no trace when he looks out the window. But the card lying on the windowsill proves that this couldn’t have been a figment of his imagination. He pokes at it first with the tip of the umbrella, but when nothing happens, he picks up the card and examines it.