Short but sweet change

Let. Us. Emote. In. Prison.

That is all <3



could be used to detect poss if prince has extraordinary amount of IQ
but so can do normal emotes

There was recently a survey ingame on whether or not the players want this.

I… think it’s already concluded. Not sure what the results are, but if the people wanted it…

I recall hearing that you now inherit emotes upon jumping someone but I have not personally tested this

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Oh was there? My first time playing the game in a long while was today. Last i played was the maid/chrono patch, not much has changed but the QoL looks a lot better

fairly sure you do

Yeah, in the news corner there is/was a survey and this was one of the questions on it. I don’t know if the results will be publicized though.

Gotcha, hope they do make the change. if possessor does indeed use the same emotes as their jump target, then I see no downsides and im fairly certain it wouldnt be hard to implement at all. Id say they should let the cult and unseen even do it at night aswell.


this is hilarious