Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

Short Fuse V



@Marshal and @Wazza


9 Town
3 Mafia

Mafia requires parity to win rather than the total obliteration of the town faction

Mafia have a factional chat, but do not have a factional kill
Days are 48 hours long
Prods will be sent out every 24 hours of non-activity. A second prod means a force replace out.
Lynches happen through either majority or plurality
Votes are cast with command /vote [insert playername]
You cannot vote for a nolynch

Game Gimmick

Each player has a bomb strapped to them, the bombs can only be disarmed when 1 faction wins.

At the beginning of the game, each player is publicly given a detonator.

At any point, you may type /detonate(and ping the hosts) in the game thread to kill the player whose detonator you hold.

When a player dies for any reason (detonation or lynch), the detonator they hold is given to the player who holds their detonator, so if A can kill B and B can kill C, if B dies, A then has the detonator to kill C.

A player may detonate a maximum of one player per 24 hours.

Before the game starts, the Mafia must tell us if they want a Town detonator, a Mafia detonator, or for it to be random. A maximum of 2 Mafia detonators can be taken. A 24 hour time limit holds for pre-game. It is allowed to talk during this period. If no choice is made, it will be random.

Once the player who has your detonator types /detonate , you can no longer detonate anyone.


  1. Braixen -> Appelsiini
  2. Alice Town, Detonated D1
  3. Appelsiini -> clonedcheese
  4. Clonedcheese -> Sirderpsalot
  5. SirDerpsAlot Town, Detonated D1
  6. row666 Town, Detonated D1
  7. Hippolyeetus Town, Detonated D1
  8. Drybones -> Vulgard
  9. Kyodaz Town, Detonated D1
  10. Vulgard -> Italy
  11. Italy -> EVO
  12. EVO Town, Detonated D1



  1. Datbird
  2. Anstreim
  3. Arete
  4. Amelia
  5. Astand
  6. Asphalt_Concrete
  7. Napoleon
  8. N.1
  9. Katze
  10. Emelia
  11. Chloe
  12. Jgoesgaming
  13. Geyde
  14. Sulit


  1. @discobot

Don’t use disco plz

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Please do not speak.

Game is in a 24-hour pregame phase. During this time mafia will pick which detonators they carry.

An example town rolecard is below.


You are aligned with the town
Eliminate the mafia

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Marshal didn’t state when game starts, the nerd.

Day will begin at 2020-04-21T00:10:00Z


We are looking for a replacement


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I’ll replace in

Do not really want to sub in. Can you take me off the backups list, actually?


Anyone else who is interested, please let me or Wazza know.


Game has started!

Here is the boom order


Day 1 has begun and will end in 48 hours or upon majority!


NAI host ping


NAI host ping part 2


And a reminder that we are still looking for a replacement

whoever’s holding mine just detonate me please

go go go let’s beat the record of 15 mins


no u


Vote Count:

No One

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By the way, quick reminder.

Whenever you decide, ya know what, the person in front of me feels like going boom, make sure you ping us, same goes for votes.


the fun side of italy’s mind: do it, it’ll be fucking hilarious
the rational side of italy’s mind: don’t just kill people randomly that’s a terrible idea

We are no longer in need of a replacement

Discussion of replacements = you get detonated by me

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darn you could’ve told me this earlier