Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

So… I explained myself, you read my posts, then proceeded to push on me for giving a reason you haven’t argued against nor even mentioned


Explain why you disagree with my reads.

is it bad that i townread this
i don’t think a wolf at cloned’s level of experience asks people to detonate him as his first post of the game

where did i say i disagreed? i don’t like the way you’re getting conclusions so quickly that’s all
that doesn’t mean i disagree with the reads themselves

So you agree with my reasons but apparently I’m not allowed to say them in thread because it’s ‘coming to a conclusion too quickly’ when you agree they’re good reads


okay so i see an argument
excuse me while i go make some popcorn as i am now required to do


Votee Voted by Votes
EVO KyoDaz 1/7
KyoDaz Vulgard 1/7

Go make me some too
I’m kinda thrown off right now

A person I don’t know how to read and a person I think I know how to read are just there and
I feel like Vul’s taking this too far and I don’t like it

I really don’t want to make conclusions until I have more info, but does Vul know how Kyo acts as a villager? Has he ever played with him?

didn’t have any popcorn

i appear to be out

“detonate Solic” Solic was Town
“execute Possessed” Possessed was Chronomancer
“I’m town” mislynched

But seriously this is the game I always redirect people to

I feel like these would definitely come from V!Vulgard, and I have no knowledge of Kyo’s villager plays yet. I’ll go read that. The only conclusion I can come to atm is that this most likely is not W/W

i feel like you’re misconstruing everything i say and i don’t understand why
i’ve already explained myself
i agree with your reads, mostly
i don’t agree with how easily and confidently you’re stating them this early in the game
whether they are good or not doesn’t matter
how you get them is what matters. that’s how you wolfhunt. wolves make fake reads and villagers, by definition, don’t

these are the posts that make me mislynch you when you’re villaging

well i didn’t have any popcorn anyways

but you’ve agreed with my reasons :man_facepalming:
If they’re actual reasons how could they be fake
I don’t understand why from your point of view me saying a read you agree with = scum because it’s early
If I’m wolf, how could I come up with these reads with actual reasons out of thin air as you’d say
You don’t. They’re reads because the volume of content inside of people’s posts is good enough for me to make desicive reads over.

I’m not going to sit around and play a guessing game here or second guess myself. I’m making statements.

Are we supposed to not do anything just because it’s early or something. No. We’re working with what we have. That’s why I haven’t made a desicive read on Appel because their content has less volume than EVO and Braixen.

Still trying to work on that. Maybe it’s just in my nature.

I generally only look for town in interactions; but if I had to say then I’d probably put you at a town lean considering I don’t want your head and you’ve made a decent amount of posts and nothing stands out to me

i’m not questioning your reasons i’m questioning motivation

please don’t strawman

it’s not like these are super high-effort reads

…Why thank you. From what I skimmed, from the link he posted, Kyo was questioning people a lot and was a lot more calmer. I can see the same decisiveness though, like in these posts