Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

you’re changing my arguments and refuting altered arguments instead of refuting the original points
that’s strawman
but like i said i don’t think i’m getting anywhere here

what you’re implying here is that i’m wolfreading you because you’re making reads and that’s oversimplification of my argument which shouldn’t really apply here
i voted you because your reads were made with a combination of:

  • too early
  • too much confidence
  • too quick to jump to a conclusion about alignment and even a paired alignment read (braixen/evo v/w) in comparison to the depth of the read (the read isn’t elaborate enough / convincing enough to merit a strong read)

these three things together are what i find suspicious. individually they wouldn’t be enough but when they all go together that’s wolfy to me

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This is entirely assuming that I’ve listed Braixen + EVO as locktown/lockwolf
I haven’t

my point is that you’re getting these reads with a disproportionate amount of confidence early in the game. you don’t have many solid reasons to wolfread/V read someone (and that’s understandable, because who would?), but you state those reads with utter conviction like you’re super sure of yourself and that’s weird
you can still be a villager whose reads come from divinity
but my suspicion on you stemmed from the reasons above
and it still does

maybe you didn’t, but it certainly sounds like you did

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it’s not an assumption, i read your post, checked the wording, and it clearly implies you think they are instead of might be
could be a stylistic thing but the meaning is pretty clear when you used the word “are”
i honestly don’t know why i’m still pursuing this

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i’m kinda tempted to blow up italy just because i can’t read him

Overconfidence and desiciveness are two entirely different things
You’re automatically assuming overconfident
Am I supposed to sit here and say “Braixen and EVO might be v/w but ehh I’m not sure, let’s wait until they start posting”

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yeah no i’m done doing this
it’s flooding the thread and it’s not helping me get a read on you, best to do something else

my read on cloned is really thin tbh
it relies on the idea that he wouldn’t post a suicidal-looking message at sod1
has he ever randed wolf here? actually he did rand wolf in botf let me check that out

It doesn’t matter how much I townread or wolfread EVO or Braixen. The only time that comes into the party is when there are wagons on two different people and you have to decide which read is stronger and vote accordingly.
Strength in reads wasn’t needed to be stated there

I had made no other reads to compare them both to. That’s why I can’t exactly state a strength
That’s why the strength on the read on Appel was stated, light townread compared to Braixen.
And again I can’t give an estimation on how much I believe EVO is scum because if I give one and can’t compare it to someone else it’s going to be inaccurate. I first need to scumread someone else and then pursue either EVO or them.

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cloned was wolf in that game
i think his starter here is NAI
he seems to enjoy playing dumb as wolf so it’s whatever

also it might be notable that despite surviving for 90% of the game he barely did anything in that game

game lasted like 5 or 6 days and he had 100 posts, a large percentage of which was while the game was ending

Everyone state whether or not you’re town or mafia and say which detonator you would’ve picked please

i’m known for not bussing my partners when i rand wolf so i probably would’ve picked town had i randed mafia

but don’t take my words for granted because it’s easy to change a “meta” like that

i’ve just realized wazza wasn’t a player

i honestly like this entrance string

I honestly don’t know what I would’ve picked if I could have. I’d be fine with both ig
Wazza is a very talkative host

it feels like a natural thought progress to have
discobot detonate, then the realization it’s actually not such a good idea
looks way worse if drybones is mafia but for now i’m inclined to lean this v

thought process not thought progress

tbf It’s not as bad as me
In WoW:BfA I pretended to be vicki vale (the journalist from batman) and asked him whether or not he smoked.

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