Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

Marshal is STILL bad at his job.

Day ends at 2020-04-23T00:10:00Z or sooner if a majority is reached.

are the wolves just afk or did i v lean the wolves again

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bold statement when half the players haven’t posted but still

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U jumping on kyos case, the only person making reads (which are v justifie) is odd. He wasnt that aggressive and u gotta do that stuff to generate discussion. Especially if u scumread evo cuz ur now voting them I dont understand the vote on Kyo

@ChopChop do something productive in next 16 hours or I will detonate

well i think kyo’s responses weren’t bad so i’m not targeting him anymore

if i detonate italy i can kill evo next :eyes:

Thinking Kyo may actually be a villager here being that he’s giving a pretty good reasoning here to Braixen’s alignment. Though I don’t think EVO’s comment was wolfy as that’s probably just a reference to FoL27.

Disagree as that’s NAI for him. As a wolf his conclusions tend to be unsupported and here he’s actually using Braixen’s behavior as a read.

What W game are you talking about?

I’m reading as not really that villagery. People aren’t going to detonate anyone just because the detonated player asked for it. Feels a bit bluff-ish and I’d rather want more from him.

Agreed. I’m liking Hippo’s IDGAF attitude here.


Do you have any wolfreads so far?

yeah i changed my mind later if you haven’t noticed

which is a fair point and i generally believed his responses to my push were ok

Vanilla Nightless. I don’t like the way he jumped on Kyo like that, but I think his tone got better towards the end and there were a few posts which I did like (which I quoted). Currently nullreading him.

I don’t think I have any wolfreads yet. I really liked your entrance and thought process so I’d say I’m leaning V regarding you. I want more content from Braixen, EVO and the others who were talking earlier before deciding what I think of them.

Has cloned finished any wolf games on this site? I always tend to SR him even when he’s V as his logic is really not that intuitive, so I wanna check if there’s any major differences between his V and W game.

I’d like an elaboration.

the last BotF game, which i also quoted in the thread before

idk if it’s notable in any way but he had an incredibly low number of posts in there
he wrote like 50 posts d1-d2 and then dipped near-entirely

would probably be replaced under normal circumstances but that game had like 4-5 replace-outs and we had an issue