Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1




Appel has been logical and unbiased in many circumstances. She tries to solve, and generally aids threadstate.

Continuously provides her reads using quotes, unprovoked.



Has a healthy atmosphere of independence, with little susceptibility to pocketing, and decently confrontational.

Discobot indeed rolls a 3.

You can tell he likely suddenly regrets his decision once seeing the result. Could be failed bluff by scum, but this looks like a genuine “oh shit” realization.

Unsure how to take this post though, but it looks to me like maybe he’s just trying to play it cool, as if he didn’t just pussy out

If there is scum in Vul/Italy he would be semi-risking being accused of TMI, so this looks to be the post of an uninformed slot, but more info on that when/if Vul and/or Italy flips.



A lot to say about this slot tbh. Sigh
But fuck that. I’ll TL:DR that shit.
This slot has been very active, right next to Vulgard, and has gotten into near mod-trouble trying to prove some point about appel. Bonus points for that one. Very solve-y, but this slot isn’t clear entirely; Earlier on there were some weird things she didn’t pick up on that Vulgard pointed out, and the like, as well as some mixed associations that maybe could be interpreted as distancing. Deeper ISO planned for this slot later, but probably not a D1 lynch candidate.



Tone has been horrendously scummy, but general mannerism stay in V!Vulgard fashion, so this slot is confusing to me rn. Plenty of solving attempt, but also some weird shades I don’t understand. Townlean, but nullish.



Typical V!DryBones behavior, but I worry about people with Maniac metas, as simulating that as scum, in theory, wouldnt be too hard.



This one was typical V!Braix but after awhile he got slanky and more relaxed, which is atypical afaik. Null for now, but I might detonate if things get frisky and he is still skanking.





  • if they so active why aren’t they playing??

  • not tmi, braix is just a maniac player and i scumread chaos

  • idk how i feel about this, honestly Kyo seems to jump to conclusions here, unless this is just early pressure to see who gets defensive mf died, he was V

  • vulgard, you can deny our bromance all you want, but they will always sniff us out

  • NOTE: Appel fluff regarding Cloned, early D1 (edit: likely a trait of her cautious nature)

  • wordswordswordswords

  • just want to point out, if you have conclusions, explain them with the presenting of your conclusion, otherwise no one thinks you have proper reasoning.

  • this literally made me feel like i’ve dissapointed someone (also omg you compared me to vulgod :smile: )

  • good point brought up by appel after the first sentence onwards, honestly really starting to TR this slot.

  • man i wish i payed more attention back then, b/c looking at this now is strange at how aggressive vul was (compared to his normal state anyway)

  • for the first time, kyo makes sense. i wish i had the time to stop DryBones from det’ing this by showing him Kyo’s reasoning. Oh wait, lolreasoning?

  • Weird perspective slip here by vulgard

  • although this seems to fall in line with V!Vulgard’s willingness to look past the immediate argument and go back to reads (i wish i had this emotional intelligence, no im not pocketing you vully, just admiring, I still nullread you as of this point in my notes)

  • early shade on vul

  • vulgard=/=appel???

  • tinfoil: appel tmi says its tvt , so she supports one for the pocket. ok, not very Occam of me, but i’ll leave it here

  • Vul/Kyo TvT?
Appel townlean
ok what??, how did i miss this before, wait, is he…memeing? i’m so proud of him
i can seee where he is coming from (am i getting sidetracked?)
NOTE TO SELF: they are so different, but both show experience. I can learn from this post.

hippo clash with vul, even though vul supported him. Good look for hippo.

  • just a really strange and sudden change of tone here.

  • Ah yes, someone gets it. She could have faked it being sus for further pushing on me, but she didn’t take that oppertunity, so this a kinda towny post considering im LHF.

  • Alice = Vul? Alice Throws a disagreement but then an Agreement…?

  • Appel + Alice

  • vul=/=alice

  • damn, this is such weird behavior

  • vul - alice

    • vul trying to warn appel that Alice can have those kind of reads as wolf

  • yeah, well, i dont wanna paint myself scum here by proving this semi-defense of me wrong, but that is because when there are night kills I being on edge of PoE makes it so i dont get yeeted

  • I don’t like their view on Appel, kind of lacks progression, idk. also could be distancing?

  • Hmmm, yeah, I agree with this, but his previous tone still bothers me.

  • idk, she can be kind of passive with her reads sometimes, the tone here is pure imo, but she never said she didnt scumlean vul. Alice “not recognizing” this simple semantic indication is a little ehhh

NOTE: Vul’s early vote on Kyo…now that I think about it, is really strange. Then he switchvoted to join him…wtf


Votee Voted by Votes
EVO KyoDaz, Vulgard 2/7

  • I like this take.

  • Appel-Alice
  • Alice-Appel
  • Alice-Vulgard

  • Alice=/=Vulgard?

  • Vulgard made an interesting point, not sure what i think yet though

  • vulgard/alice --> TvS?

  • sda bad entrance

  • this post just made her #1 waifu, gg; appel is officially townread.

  • so otherwise, they still thought kyo was scummy

  • good points

  • vul switches vote to Alice

Alice=/=Appel 99%

  • B/C angleshooting a scumbud is a hella risky play
This looks good for vulgard to let off like that, and idk about Alice though


Nothing, I’m just pissed at Braixen going “I solved the game, I solved the game” because he had all wolves in a 6-person PoE with 8 other players alive after he fucked up by detonating a villager for no reason. I’m not only pissed off at being detonated, but I’m also pissed at his ego when it comes to his reads and that he’s always deflecting the blame for the losses onto other people.

Frankly, I hope that I’ll never have to play with him again. I quit playing here when gamethrowers like Isaac and Marg were allowed to run rampant without any moderation actions whatsoever as games were a foregone conclusion when you had Marg vig’ing greenchecked players or Isaac claiming wolf and voting against consensus townreads as a villager, so if I keep having to play with a person who makes such plays purely out of grudges and then blames their gamethrowing on other players, or even accuses the wolves of breaking the rules because of salt over a loss, then forget it.

A social deduction game is only fun when people are playing to, or at least not playing against, their own wincon, and trust between players is essential for it to work.

So it should be obvious that if there is a player who intentionally plays against their own wincon and disrupts this form of trust between players, then the game becomes unfun and not working. I’ve been disliking Braixen since he returned due to his angleshooting, his accusation of people of breaking the rules for shit reasons, and now the straw that broke the camel’s back was him blatantly gamethrowing by vigging me because of me quickhammering as a wolf in RM4.

So in short, if he’s ever in a game, I’m likely outing as I don’t want to play with a person like this anymore. If he’s allowed to keep making these accusations such as how he claimed that Chloe was strategically replacing out despite that several people here backed her story, or if he can vig people he dislike just because, or if he can repeatedly nightpost to get themselves modkilled, then forget it, I’m out.

I’m here to enjoy a game. Having players who play against their wincon, angleshoot, or who intentionally try to weaponize the mod makes the game unenjoyable, so if I keep having to deal with Braixen throwing matches, being arrogant over his RNG’d reads, and other forms of shit-tier behavior then I’m simply going back to MU.

Holy shit okay you forgot the beginning of the [details]

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Alright we have exhausted conversation.


If there are any rule-breaking concerns with specific players, please direct them towards the Moderators.


…why and how was this bumped?

I think the thread might have been unlocked

Thread was unlocked so people can quote posts from it

anyway now to erase all memory of this game again



Someone requested it privately

In hindsight

This game is cursed and should never have been bumped


A game I’m not in that’s cursed?


Why have you allowed this game to be returned.

hey this game was not that bad :^)

Throwback to informed spec chat having more posts than the game

Also this game sucked keep it locked

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Haha bombs go boom

insert bad pun about fuse lengths here