Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

fair warning
she can do this reliably as both alignments

i can give you the last fol game for reference

That would be appreciated

I also feel kinda bad because I’ve scumread Alice every time she’s a villager

i’m tempted to destroy italy and probably will at eod if he hasn’t done anything by then
i’m never going to get a read on him and no one else will be able to do that either if he doesn’t post

Just read cloned’s entire ISO there. Yeah, he dips hard as the game goes on as W. Pretty sure that as long as we don’t yolo detonate everyone by d2 that we’ll be able to sort him out easily.

some of her first reads in that game
she was starting wolf

I have a pretty good method to read Italy, tbh. I wanna see how he reacts to someone pushing for him to detonate someone first.

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That… moves her closer to the nullzone. I’ll try looking at her posts with both mindsets.

i don’t know if i should trust you

you’ve just betrayed me and i’m still recoiling from that

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italy having evo’s detonator is highly convenient tbh

why do we have more spectators than players

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What are the players you V-read so far?

i’ll be honest my posts about italy are motivated by my overwhelming urge to blow somebody up and kickstart the detonation party and i can easily justify destroying italy because it’s not a very controversial thing to do at the moment

the posts do sound kinda limp, like he lacks engagement, but he exhibited a similar trait in his v game (last fol) so i’m less inclined to wolfread him for it

EVO hasn’t any groupscum games on this site yet, right?

i feel good about hippo and appel
braixen has been acceptable
none of these reads are solid because the game is still in infancy

i feel like there’s a difference in approach between this and hippo’s urge to detonate but i can’t describe it

it’s like derps is pretending to hesitate while hippo isn’t but idk if it’s correct or even wolfy

Disagree on Appel as they look way too cautious this match.

Braixen I’m pretty sure is likely V as I’ve checked his wolf games and he’s far less aggressive there. Caveat here being that his last wolf game was about two years ago, though.

I didn’t think Derps even posted this entire game, so there’s cause for concern there.

this looks like >rand v drybones
but he doesn’t have enough posts for me to actually consider him v

i’m really grasping at straws here aren’t i
people aren’t posting