Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

i’ve never seen her not be cautious, is the thing

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The last time I tried to be really confident failed majestically :’) The moment I got pressured I went right back to over-explaining my thought process and being defensive

and since she’s only had village rands so far based on available information i don’t think cautiousness is her wolftell

alice is giving me bad vibes but i have no idea why

braixen has her detonator
i think her days are numbered regardless of alignment because braixen strikes me as someone who shall abuse the detonator

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Actually this paragraph pinged me the most. I mean, it’s a bit hard to follow this post as the logic would imply that Appel is suspicious of you and then she walks back on it.

Obviously, I’m not going to detonate her now, as I want to see her thought process further.

not that i want him to kill villagers but

We have Derps, Seth, Kyo, and Braixen this match.

It’s gonna be a shitshow and we technically need to solve the game before it hits the fan.

but kyo can’t detonate solic

also we can’t solve the game if half the players aren’t posting

so i think i’m just gonna lurk in the shadows until i actually have something to work with instead of grasping at straws
@Italy i’m 100% detonating you before eod if you slank

Like, eventually someone is going to yolo detonate a consensus townread who dunked a wolf just because of either a gut read or because of a scumslip. You know how people here act.

The thing is, I don’t know what to think of Vul. That’s why I’m kinda flip flopping, I was mostly just listing things I saw as suspicious but also things I saw as towny.
My opinion of Braixen is mostly based on Ritual Mafia, so I won’t talk about him for now

i’ve just realized kyo has my detonator
i probably shouldn’t have selected him as my first suspicion of the game but he didn’t detonate me so

i don’t like alice but i can’t explain that read whatsoever so uh

i can’t wait

Vul’s =rand to me. Main concern for me is that Vulgard’s thought process on Kyo felt a bit more rigid than usual. His confidence looks fine, though.

This is actually kind of a villager-y thing to do, tbh. I’d expect a wolf at your experience level to see who has their det before posting in order to plan your strat ahead.

it’s 8 am let me sleep

Then you should understand-

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my wolfplay is overestimated too frequently
i don’t rand wolf frequently enough meaning i can’t practice

Go to sleep, wth