Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

Works better as a playstyle. Before when I was more aggressive and pushed early game I’d just end up tunneling on people and causing mislynches.



i don’t think you can read her
then again, last game made me reconsider the accuracy of my read on her

I think you can it’s just difficult

I think you’re all being too narrow-minded.

This seemed really villagery to me, but Alice seems to not look at the overall situation. Vul didn’t seem to look at the points Kyo made from a different perspective

All in all, I don’t think we should get stuck on certain things and instead think about multiple possibilities

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Wasn’t Alice in Poisonous by the way? If I’m remembering correctly

the reason i’m not pushing to lynch him is because i don’t want to be biased early

she was
and we lost after the wolves doublebussed

Yep. I was there.

she didn’t betray me that game looks at Alice angrily

that’s… not what i meant
i meant that you, as an individual, couldn’t read her alignment properly

Then I don’t see why she talked about my cautiousness as a sign that I was a wolf, since that’s just my playstyle. I’m honestly excited to see what it will be like when I first roll scum.

that’s… a fair point
i feel like she may have overlooked a couple of things she wouldn’t overlook as a villager
maybe that’s why my gut is telling me she’s wolfing

Because I was reminded of something else. Can’t say what rn.

as a wolf you have to overlook the villagery things people do to get them mislynched
idk why i’m saying that when it’s common knowledge

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Well, I hope you remember soon.

wtf i have 30% of thread volume i should stop posting

Which villagery things am I overlooking?

Why do you think that lmao