Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1


i don’t think you can read her
then again, last game made me reconsider the accuracy of my read on her

I think you can it’s just difficult

I think you’re all being too narrow-minded.

This seemed really villagery to me, but Alice seems to not look at the overall situation. Vul didn’t seem to look at the points Kyo made from a different perspective

All in all, I don’t think we should get stuck on certain things and instead think about multiple possibilities

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Wasn’t Alice in Poisonous by the way? If I’m remembering correctly

the reason i’m not pushing to lynch him is because i don’t want to be biased early

she was
and we lost after the wolves doublebussed

Yep. I was there.

she didn’t betray me that game looks at Alice angrily

that’s… not what i meant
i meant that you, as an individual, couldn’t read her alignment properly

Then I don’t see why she talked about my cautiousness as a sign that I was a wolf, since that’s just my playstyle. I’m honestly excited to see what it will be like when I first roll scum.

that’s… a fair point
i feel like she may have overlooked a couple of things she wouldn’t overlook as a villager
maybe that’s why my gut is telling me she’s wolfing

Because I was reminded of something else. Can’t say what rn.

as a wolf you have to overlook the villagery things people do to get them mislynched
idk why i’m saying that when it’s common knowledge

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Well, I hope you remember soon.

wtf i have 30% of thread volume i should stop posting

Which villagery things am I overlooking?

Why do you think that lmao

i feel like the fact you’re suspicious of appel is weird because i see absolutely nothing different here that would indicate she suddenly randed a different alignment. she has exclusively been randing village all the way until now and has always been cautious in those games. you know this because you played in most of these games with her, and it means you had exposure to appel’s village games

the fact you remained suspicious of her and didn’t mention this strikes me as strange for that reason. either you overlooked that on purpose or you are vastly overestimating appel’s potential skill as a wolf. i realize she’s played before, but from our perspective, for all intents and purposes she shouldn’t be able to replicate her village play near-perfectly as a wolf who’s playing here for the first time. especially since, like i said, that would be her first wolf rand here ever, earlygame is hard for newbie wolves, and all of her prior experiences were in video mafia, not forum mafia, iirc

in summary i think you’ve overlooked some crucial stuff in your appel read and considering you’re holding her detonator i consider it quite suspicious. this kind of thing can give you a justification to press the shiny button later and i’d rather not have her die and flip v (she can still be a wolf but i’m strongly leaning villager rn)

so yeah that’s one of the things i actually can point out which makes me think you’re a wolf

notice how that applies to amelia, who was town in a recent fol and randed wolf immediately after, in poisonous fm
the tone and commitment were noticably different, and even though she was ill in poisonous, the differences were still there