Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

Someone explode a no poster to generate info and discussion or something

I think it really depends on if he’s trying to accomplish something or if he’s just floating around the thread as what he did in Poisonous.

If he’s actually following his gut such as when he tunneled me in Anime, then yeah, he’s V, if he’s just in the thread posting aimlessly, then he’s likely a wolf.

…yeah, I’m p sure that Hippo’s very likely V by now.

how will exploding a 0 poster generate discussion
at best it’s gonna clear the person who did it if the 0 poster flips mafia

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that’s the only reason i haven’t exploded italy yet
it just
doesn’t do anything

I have a weird-ass TR on Italy, tbh.

Eh true

hippo, if you want a detonation, why don’t you make it happen?

Tbh, I’d det Seth if he doesn’t start actually playing the game by the EoD.

I gave him 16 hours to do something before I det

And I want someone else to set so then I get 0 blame if its tow

Just woke up has Alice posted yet



Why are you giving Braixen false info here that he could check himself?


It’s a joke

detonate all the 0 posters
then lose the game

/Detonate @host

@row666 you have an hour to post before I make you go boom